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Phages available at the DSMZAn der DSMZ erhältliche Phagen

Phages available at the DSMZ

The DSMZ continuously expands the phage collection. Please, send your requests to Dr. Christine Rohde (Christine.Rohdee-mail trennerdsmze-mail trennerde ) or Dr. Johannes Wittmann (Johannes.Wittmanne-mail trennerdsmze-mail trennerde ).

Phages are offered by the DSMZ as 1mL liquid suspensions or as vacuum-dried suspensions on filter paper in double-vial glass ampoules. However, the delivery form depends on the phage. If both delivery forms are offered, the requestor can mention the favourable delivery form for the same fee. The DSMZ will finally decide about the delivery form.

The DSMZ will continuously expand the phage holdings. For some phages, there are only minimal data available. But, due to the high potential relevance of phages, the DSMZ also accessions phages with a minimal data background including unpublished ones. All DSMZ phages are purified over several propagation steps and routinely tested for viability. We do not provide exact titer information upon phage despatch. Please, visit our phage FAQ website.