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Therapeutic Phage BankTherapeutic Phage Bank

Opened!: Therapeutic Phage Bank at the Leibniz Institute DSMZ

Phages deposited in this special collection of the DSMZ could be of therapeutic interest, they have the potential to be used in human medical therapy

if further propagated and prepared as new stocks under appropriately controlled conditions prior to therapeutic application.

This precondition for application of these phages is laid down by a special Material Transfer Agreement, MTA between the DSMZ as the provider and the recipients of the phages. This MTA is a binding contract. The collection of these phages is open for all those who are authorized to receive such biological material.

The phages are available under the usual distribution conditions of the DSMZ Terms & Conditions. For ordering the recommended bacterial host strains, customers will have to make sure they have permission to work with the respective strains. The DSMZ does not assure any expected or desirable
therapeutic in vivo success of any phage of this bank. The DSMZ does not modify or further “train”/adapt any phages but keeps them as received by the depositor. 


Phage quality control procedures performed at the DSMZ

Phages of the Therapeutic Phage Bank at the DSMZ underlie the same laboratory procedures for quality control as phages available from the main DSMZ phage collection. These include regular titre and purity controls and may include electron microscopic investigation or host spectra tests. All phages are preserved for the long-term according to two different approved methods, lyophilization and cryopreservation. Should a phage be instable after lyophilization, this phage can only be cryopreserved. As for all phages of the main DSMZ phage collection, the recipient can choose the form of phage delivery: dried or liquid suspension.  


Which phages can be deposited in the Therapeutic Phage Bank? How are these phages defined?

Together with the depositor, the DSMZ decides about accession of a phage with this special phage bank. Phages must be obligately lytic and well characterized including sequence analysis of the phage genome, the property to be temperate must be excluded. This exclusion must be given to the DSMZ in written form or by publication. Depositors have to be able to demonstrate these phage data by documented traceable laboratory controls. Phages with therapeutic potential are not necessarily deposited in this special phage bank, they might be available from the main phage collection of the DSMZ or exist elsewhere. Phages of the main phage collection of the DSMZ have usually not been tested for therapeutic potential.

Deposition is free of costs. The DSMZ encourages phage experts to deposit phages in the Therapeutic Phage Bank whenever possible and preconditions as mentioned herein are given. Phage prices are the same as for phages of the main DSMZ phage collection.

Guideline for deposit and Accession Form for phages


Phages currently available

We are grateful to the depositors who offered phages to the Therapeutic Phage Bank:


DSM no.

Bacterial host

Phi R1-37


Yersinia enterocolitica ( DSM 23247 )

Phi Ye03-12


Yersinia enterocolitica ( DSM 23248 )

Phi 80-18


Yersinia enterocolitica ( DSM 23249 )

Phi R8-01


Yersinia enterocolitica ( DSM 23250 )



Pseudomonas aeruginosa ( DSM 25641 )



Pseudomonas aeruginosa ( DSM 25642 )



Enterococcus faecium ( DSM 25644 )