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Customer Support

Queries regarding purchase order processing can be directed to

Photo of Ina  Franc
Franc, Ina
Phone: +49-531/2616-319

Fax: +49-531/2616-444

Photo of Hanna  Hintze
Hintze, Hanna
Phone: +49-531/2616-335

Fax: +49-531/2616-444

Scientific inquiries concerning our Plant Cell Lines should be directed to

Photo of Elke  Heine-Dobbernack
Dr. Heine-Dobbernack, Elke
Phone: +49-531/2616-146
Photo of Heinz Martin  Schumacher
Dr. Schumacher, Heinz Martin
Phone: +49-531/2616-144

Within this collection, important diatoms, protozoa and cyanobacteria are being collected from laboratories across Europe.