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Ordering / Delivery InformationBestellung / Versand Informationen


ATTENTION: Our ordering processes have recently changed! All non-web shop orders (email or fax) are required to submit a signed order form!

Plant cell lines can be ordered using our Online Shop (preferred method) or by fax or email using the order form. Order forms MUST be signed and any orders submitted without the form or signature will not be processed. (If your institution requires its own ordering format for administrative reasons, please submit the second page of our order form with accompanying signature.)


The packing unit per order for one cell line consists of two Petri dishes (60 mm in diameter) inoculated with callus and two more Petri-dishes containing fresh solid medium.

Suspension cultures are delivered in a 150 ml plastic screw cap bottle containing 100 ml suspension. A list of suspension cultures actually available is presented on the website. Initiation of suspension cultures from callus is offered as a service.

Within Germany cultures are delivered by mail. Outside Germany delivery is carried out by a private parcel service. Special delivery for highly sensitive cultures by a parcel service which guarantees arrival overnight can be arranged on request at the expense of the client.

Since the cell lines have to be propagated before delivery, a delivery time of at least two weeks has to be taken into account. A lack of material or slow growth may result in a prolonged delivery period.

When living cultures are mailed there is always a risk of damage. The DSMZ makes every effort to supply only pure, viable and authentic cultures. If cultures seem to be contaminated or irreversibly damaged on arrival, customers are asked to inform the DSMZ immediately. A replacement culture will be supplied once as soon as possible if no specific transportation problems make a proper delivery of living cultures impossible.

Cryopreserved cultures

For some cell lines suspension material is cryopreserved. These cultures are recovered after thawing and delivered as actively growing cultures. Other cell lines have been immobilized in alginate beads before freezing. In these cases cell lines are thawed at DSMZ and beads in cryovials are directly delivered. After arrival the beads have to be removed from the cryovials under sterile conditions and recovered on solid medium. Cells will outgrow the beads after several weeks.