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Prices for Plant Cell Lines

All prices are net prices. The price list can be downloaded here

Plant Cell Lines

Plant Cell Culture

250 €

Initiation of a cell culture from plant material


Establishment of suspension cultures from a callus


Evaluation of special cryopreservation methods


* based on effort at an hourly rate of 60 € net

Banking and handling charges (per order)

Invoice amount (net)



21-100 €

5 €

15 €

101-500 €

10 €

20 €

> 501 €

15 €

30 €

Freight Charges per order

Risk group 1 cultures and DNA samples to destinies inside Germany will be shipped with regular post. If the order value exceeds 1000 Euro, the shipment will be made by carrier.

Cultures to other destinies inside Europe will be shipped with carrier (usually FedEx). Freight charges will be app. 12 €.

Delivery to destinies outside of Europe will be arranged after consultation.

Risk Group 2 and 3** cultures will be shipped as UN 3373 with carrier (usually FedEx) to all destinies inside Germany, Europe and outside of Europe (freight costs will be arranged after consultation).