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Catalogue Plant Viruses and AntiseraKatalog Pflanzenviren und Antiseren

Catalogue of plant viruses and diagnostica

The search offers you access to our complete catalogue of DSMZ Plant viruses and diagnostica.

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Plant Virus Diagnostics Catalogue as pdf

Please click on the catalogue image to download the current DSMZ Plant Virus Diagnostics Catalogue as pdf. This catalogue lists in an alphabetic order our high quality serological reagents and positive controls for routine detection of the most important plant infecting viruses. This catalogue does not contain all virus isolates available. They can be found using the search function above.

Prices for Plant Viruses and Antisera

Plant Viruses and Antisera

Viruses and related

Virus inocula (freeze dried)

120 €

Virus inocula (living plants)

180 €

Positive or negative controls for ELISA, sufficient for 10 tests

16 €

Nucleic acid extracts from virus-infected plants

150 €


[ELISA reagent sets contain only required antibodies (IgG and IgG-AP conjugate)]

Purified polyclonal IgG, 1 mg (in 1 ml)

390 €

ELISA reagents, 100 tests (1 set)

40 €

ELISA reagents, ≥ 500 tests (≥ 5 sets) of one antiserum

35 €
per set

ELISA reagents, ≥1000 tests (≥ 10 sets) of one antiserum

29 €
per set

ELISA reagents, ≥5000 tests (≥ 50 sets) of one antiserum

24 €
per set

Bulk orders

ELISA reagents for Potato virus detection (PVA, PVM, PVS,PVX, PVY, PLRV), 10 sets (1000 tests), per virus

200 €

ELISA reagents for Potato virus detection (PVA, PVM, PVS, PVX, PVY, PLRV), 50 sets (5000 tests), per virus

450 €

Bulk orders for purified polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and serological reagents



10 €

Scientific services

Molecular diagnosis of virus and viroid infections


Virus sequence analysis


Virus inoculum preparation