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B-Fast ELISA for the detection of plant viruses in just 2 hours

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is still the most widely used method for large scale testing of plant viruses and other pathogens, despite being limited by many separate operating steps necessary and results only becoming available at the second day. We are always keen to advance our diagnostic capabilities, to investigate into new developments and subsequently to provide our customers with innovative diagnostic products. This year, we are proud to present a revolutionary new ELISA technique, the B-Fast ELISA, which combines the robustness of an ELISA with the speed of PCR. This superior virus test allows obtaining reliable ELISA results within only two hours and is now available as an alternative to our standard ELISA sets. (Click on image to enlarge.)

 A detailed protocol can be downloaded here.



At present we can offer B-Fast ELISA for the detection of the first 10 virus species highlighted in the table (click to enlarge).

B-Fast ELISA kits are not yet available via our web shop, please inquire via: plantvirus@dsmz.de



Lateral Flow Devices

We also offer a range of lateral flow devices (LFD) for a convenient and reliable point of care testing (POCT), e.g. for the detection of Maize chlorotic mottle virus (MCMV) or Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum. Please inquire via: plantvirus@dsmz.de

New Virus/Viroid Isolate Accessions

PV-1199 Tobacco mosaic virus from petunia (Germany) TMV Tobamovirus
PV-1196 Wheat streak mosaic virus from wheat (Austria) WSMV Tritimovirus
AS-1058 New antiserum raised against Streptocarpus flower break virus SFBV Tobamovirus
PV-1195 Tobacco mosaic virus from petunia (Germany) TMV Tobamovirus
PV-1194 Wild potato mosaic virus from pepino (Germany) WPMV Potyvirus
PV-1193 Zucchini yellow mosaic virus from pumpkin (Hungary) ZYMV Potyvirus
PV-1189 Impatiens necrotic spot virus from basil (Germany) INSV Tospovirus
PV-1186 Potato virus S from Solanum curtilobum (Peru) PVS Carlavirus
PV-1183 Pelargonium zonate spot virus from tomato (Israel) PZSV Anulavirus
PV-1172 Alternanthera mosaic virus from Mentha requienii (Germany) AltMV Potexvirus
AS-0527 New antiserum raised against Youcai mosiac virus YMoV Tobamovirus
PV-0527 Youcai mosiac virus from impatiens (Germany) YMoV Tobamovirus
PV-1181 Pepper chat fruit viroid from tomato (Netherlands) PCFVd Pospiviroid
PV-1180 Tomato mosaic virus from eggplant (India) ToMV Tobamovirus
PV-1179 Iresine viroid from portulaca (Germany) IrVd Pospiviroid
PV-1176 Obuda pepper virus from pepper (Hungary) ObPV Tobamovirus
PV-1175 Tomato spotted wilt virus from pepper (Hungary) TSWV Tospovirus
PV-1173 Beet mosaic virus from (Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima (France) BtMV Potyvirus
PV-1167 Ryegrass mosaic virus from ryegrass (Bulgaria) RGMV Rymovirus
PV-1161 Zucchini yellow mosaic virus from cucumber (Ivory Coast) ZYMV Potyvirus
PV-1151 Tomato apical stunt viroid from potato vine (Czech Republic) TASVd Pospiviroid
PV-1169 Beet mosaic virus from sugarbeet (Sweden) BtMV Potyvirus
PV-1148 Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid from petunia (Germany) ToCDVd Pospiviroid
PV-1147 Potato virus T from potato (Colombia) PVT Betaflexiviridae
PV-1143 Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus from melon (Spain) CYSDV Crinivirus
PV-1135 Pear blister cancer viroid from pear (Italy) PBCVd Apscaviroid
PV-1134 Peach latent mosaic viroid from Peach (Italy) PLMVd Pelamoviroid
PV-1136 Apple scar skin viroid from apple (Italy) ASSVd Apscaviroid
PV-1167 Reyegrass mosaic virus from reyegrass (Bulgaria) RGMV Rymovirus
PV-1108 Tomato infectious chlorosis virus isolate from tomato (Greece) TICV Crinivirus
PV-1130 Citrus tristeza virus isolate from citrus (Malta) CTV Closterovirus
PV-1129 Citrus tristeza virus isolate from citrus (Malta) CTV Closterovirus
PV-1118 Calibrachoa mottle virus isolate from petunia (Germany) CbMV Carmovirus
AS-1109 New antiserum raised against Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus ToLCNDV Begomovirus
PV-1111 Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus from tomato (Spain) ToLCNDV Begomovirus
PV-1109 Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus from cucumber (Spain) ToLCNDV Begomovirus
PV-1127 Eggplant mottled dwarf virus from Hydrangea (Germany) EMDV Nucleorhabdovirus
PV-1128 Turnip vein clearing virus from Petunia (Germany) TVCV Tobamovirus
PV-1125 Pepino mosaic virus from tomato (Germany) PepMV Potexvirus
PV-1123 Impatiens necrotic spot virus from Lobelia (Germany) INSV Tospovirus
PV-1115 Chrysanthemum virus B from Argyranthemum (Germany) CVB Carlavirus
PV-1112 Tobacco mild green mosaic virus Laurentia from (Germany) TMGMV Tobamovirus
PV-1110 Pepino mosaic virus from Solanum jasminoides (Germany) PepMV Potexvirus
AS-1041 New antiserum raised against Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines not in online catalogue, please contact us directly
PV-1106 Pepper vein yellows virus from pepper (Spain) PeVYV Polerovirus
PV-1105 Wisteria vein mosaic virus from Wisteria (Germany) WVMV Potyvirus
PV-1102 Potato virus M from pepino (New Zealand) PVM Carlavirus
PV-1098 Poinsettia mosaic virus from poinsettia (Germany) PnMV fam. Tymoviridae
PV-1096 Potato virus M from potato (Germany) PVM Carlavirus
PV-1092 Nerine latent virus from Hippeastrum (Germany) NeLV Carlavirus
PV-1090 Carrot virus S from Crithmum (Spain) CarVS Carlavirus
PV-1087 Maize chlorotic mottle virus from maiz (Kenya) MCMV Machlomovirus
AS-1087 New antiserum raised against Maize chlorotic mottle virus MCMV Machlomovirus