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Cell line:
DSMZ no.:
ACC 635
human (Homo sapiens)
Cell type:
embryonal kidney
highly transfectable derivative of the human primary embryonal kidney cell line 293 (ACC 305) carrying a plasmid containing the temperature sensitive mutant of SV-40 large T-antigen (tsA1609neo); cells originally referred to as 293tsA1609neo; cells were described in the literature to be Geniticin (Neomycin, G418) resistant and to express SV-40 large T at 33°C, but not at 40°C; classified as risk group 1 according to the German Central Commission for Biological Safety (ZKBS)
14893, 14495, 14839
Biosafety level:
1, GMO-S1
Risk assessment:
The cell line was established by transfection of the cells with sheared DNA of adenovirus type 5. The cells contain 4 to 5 copies of the left end of the virus (12% of the viral genome) including E1a and E1b genes and one copy of the right end of the virus (10% of the genome) including the E4 gene. No active viruses are produced.
Permissions and restrictions:
A, D
DSMZ Cell Culture Data:
oval to fibroblastoid cells growing adherently as monolayer; image; image; image
90% Dulbecco´s MEM + 10% h.i. FBS
seed out at ca. 2-3 x 106 cells/80 cm2; split confluent culture 1:4 - 1:5 every 2-3 days (without using trypsin/EDTA, cells can be detached by tapping the flask)
at 37 °C with 5% CO2
Doubling time:
ca. 24-30 hours
cell harvest of ca. 40 x 106 cells/175 cm2
frozen with 70% medium, 20% FBS, 10% DMSO
DSMZ Scientific Data:
negative in microbiological culture, PCR assays
cytokeratin -, cytokeratin-7 -, cytokeratin-8 -, cytokeratin-17 -, cytokeratin-18 -, cytokeratin-19 -, desmin -, endothel -, EpCAM -, GFAP -, neurofilament -, vimentin +
same DNA profile as 293 (ACC 305) by fluorescent nonaplex PCR of short tandem repeat markers
confirmed as human by species PCR
human flat-moded near-triploid karyotype; 61-73<3n>XXX, add(1)(p32), add(1)(q44)x1-2, der(4;10)(q10;q10), del(8)(p12), t(9;9)(p24;q21), der(13)t(6;13)(q21;q32), der(14)t(13;14)(q32;q32), del(17)(p11), der(22)t(17;22)(q21;q22)
Molec. Genetics:
presence of large T-antigene (SV40) was confirmed by genomic PCR
PCR: EBV -, HBV -, HCV -, HIV-1 -, HIV-2 -, HTLV-I/II -, MLV -, SMRV -
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