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Halorhodospira abdelmalekii (Imhoff and Trüper 1982) Imhoff and Süling 1997
Ectothiorhodospira abdelmalekii Imhoff and Trüper 1982
DSM No.:
2110, Type strain dsm-2110 dsm2110 dsm 2110 Halorhodospira abdelmalekii
Other collection no.
or WDCM no.:
ATCC 35917
Wadi Natrun
Date of sampling:
before 11.06.1981
Nagoya Protocol Restrictions:
There are NO known Nagoya Protocol restrictions for this strain.
<- E.A. Galinski <- J.F. Imhoff
Genbank accession numbers:
16S rRNA gene: HG515377
Cultivation conditions:
Medium 430 , anaerobic in the light, 30°C
Medium/media recipe(s) required for preparing 430:
-  Medium 351

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Summary and
additional information:
<- E.A. Galinski <- J.F. Imhoff. Egypt, Wadi Natrun. Type strain. Taxonomy/description (2315, 3548, 6865, 6902). Sequence accession no. 16S rRNA gene: HG515377. (Medium 430, 30°C, anaerobic in the light).
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2315, 3548, 6865, 6902
Risk group:
1 (classification according to German TRBA)
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