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Streptococcus mitis Andrewes and Horder 1906 emend. Judicial Commission 1993
Streptococcus mitis Andrewes and Horder 1906
DSM No.:
12643, Type strain dsm-12643 dsm12643 dsm 12643 Streptococcus mitis
Strain designation:
NS 51, SK142
Other collection no.
or WDCM no.:
ATCC 49456, JCM 12971, KCTC 13047, NCTC 12261
Isolated from:
oral cavity, human
country of origin unknown
Date of sampling:
before 21.01.1999
Nagoya Protocol Restrictions:
There are NO known Nagoya Protocol restrictions for this strain.
<- NCTC <- M. Kilian; SK142 <- J. Carlsson; NS 51
Genbank accession numbers:
16S rRNA gene: AF003929
Cultivation conditions:
Medium 92 , microaerophilic, 37°C
Medium 693 , microaerophilic, 37°C

Incubation time: 1-2 days

Please follow special instructions: 'Cultivation of Streptococci and Enterococci'

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Summary and
additional information:
<- NCTC <- M. Kilian; SK142 <- J. Carlsson; NS 51. Oral cavity, human; country of origin unknown; sampling date: before 21.01.1999. Type strain. Taxonomy/description (3965, 7334, 7335, 7336). Sequence accession no. 16S rRNA gene: AF003929. Murein: A11. (Medium 92, 37°C, microaerophilic or Medium 693, 37°C, microaerophilic).
For detailed information:
BacDive - The Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase
3965, 7334, 7335, 7336
Risk group:
2 (classification according to German TRBA)
Act dealing with the prevention & control of infectious diseases in man (Infektionsschutzgesetz), Category A1
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