Human and Animal Cell Lines - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

  • Expecting a Shipment?

    All notifications of order status, date of dispatch, AWB, ETA, etc., is sent to the email address of the consignee as indicated in the purchase order. Please monitor this email account at all times for further information and make the received information available to all requesting persons / departments within your institution on your own initiative.

    We ship your order in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Kindly make appropriate arrangements on your own behalf if you wish to involve a third party broker.
    The import process of your country is solely the responsibility of the consignee/buyer/importer.  
    Please be preparde for the import of your order and ensure a swift import procedure.

    The consignee/buyer/importer has to provide all documents and information required from the importer immediately upon request to prevent the delivery to be delayed. The DSMZ GmbH is neither in the position nor able to influence your countries import procedures in any way.

    You or the importer designated by you may has to provide a more detailed description of each cell line to your countries import inspection authorities. A detailed description of each cell line can be comfortably downloaded from our catalogue at any time.  

    The invoice will be generated and sent to the bill to address on the day of shipment disptach. Payment details can be found in the footer of our documents as well as here.