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We kindly ask you to make yourself familiar with the import requirements of the ordered biological material into China. Deliveries to China might request an Entry Inspection Certificate, which will be issued by the local Chinese authorities. Goods sent by regular post normally will pass customs without inspection and thus not require an Entry Inspection Certificate. In case of deliveries with a carrier (e.g. FedEx or TNT) we can only deliver your purchase order against provision of an Entry Inspection Certificate prior to dispatch to avoid import delays and rejection of the import by the Chinese authorities (which are subject to high costs for either sending back the goods to DSMZ or discarding the goods on-site in China). We will contact you, if DSMZ needs an Entry Inspection Certificate and we kindly ask you to inform DSMZ, if your specific biological material is subject to import control regulations and require a permit and/or an Entry Inspection Certificate.

With regards to the requested Entry Inspection Certificate please find enclosed a short explanation about Entry and Exit Inspection Certificates as well as the template for the Entry Inspection Certificate.

Your responsible Chinese authority can be explored in the internet, please visit

Getting this certificate is not very difficult and it is a common practice in China.The template for the Entry Inspection Certificate can be downloaded here:

We hope this information help you proceeding with the issue.

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