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To deposit strains please use our online accession form to announce the shipment and describe the strains. The new online accession form, compared to the "old" pdf accession form, offers various advantages.

- All your accessions will be stored in one place and can be reviewed any time
- All accession forms can be printed again at any time
- You can start with an accession form, pause and continue at any time later
- Completed forms can be used as templates for new accessions
- No faults occur through manual data transfer

To access this feature you have to register with your email address and a personal password. You will receive a confirmation email and once you click the confirmation link in the email your account is set to active and you can begin to enter your data.

An overview on how to use the form is available here (<link fileadmin bereiche chiefeditors acession_forms accession_form_guide_2018.pdf _blank download>Accession_Form_Guide.pdf).