DSMZ Collection of Cyanobacteria

After an in-house quality check the first 100 strains are publicly available from the DSMZ

The collection is still growing. Let us know what your specific needs are: which strains are missing in our collection? Which organisms are of special interest? We need your support to build a collection that is of the highest value for the scientific community.

Anabaena sp.101043
Anabaena sp.101297
Anabaena sp.101298
Anabaena sp.101377
Anabaena sp.101421
Aphanizomenon sp.101449
Aphanothece stagnina101312
Calothrix sp.101206
Calothrix sp.101232
Calothrix sp.101299
Calothrix sp.101321
Calothrix sp.101322
Chroococcus sp.101203
Chroococcus sp.101368
Chroococcus sp.101369
Chroococcus sp.101374
Coleofasciculus chtonoplastes104232
Coleofasciculus chtonoplastes104234
Coleofasciculus chtonoplastes104242
Coleofasciculus chtonoplastes104248
Coleofasciculus chtonoplastes104255
Crinalium epipsammum101356
Cyanobium gracile101383
Cylindrospermopsis sp.101275
Geitlerinema sp.101399
Geitlerinema sp.101427
Halomicronema sp.104163
Halomicronema sp.104170
Halospirulina sp.101367
Halospirulina sp.101375
Leptolyngbya sp.104158
Leptolyngbya sp.104159
Leptolyngbya sp.104160
Leptolyngbya sp.104161
Leptolyngbya sp.104162
Leptolyngbya sp.104164
Leptolyngbya sp.104166
Leptolyngbya sp.104167
Leptolyngbya sp.104168
Leptolyngbya sp.104169
Leptolyngbya sp.104173
Leptolyngbya sp.104174
Leptolyngbya sp.104200
Lyngbya sp.101198
Lyngbya sp.101360
Lyngbya sp.101363
Lyngbya sp.101424
Microcystis wesenbergii101042
Nodularia sp.101207
Nodularia spumigena101379
Nostoc punctiforme101380
Nostoc punctiforme101381
Nostoc punctiforme101384
Nostoc sp.101205
Nostoc sp.101300
Nostoc sp.101301
Nostoc sp.101302
Nostoc sp.101303
Nostoc sp.101400
Nostoc sp.101404
Oscillatoria sp.101364
Oscillatoria sp.101365
Phormidium formosum101194
Phormidium sp.101358
Phormidium sp.101373
Phormidium sp.101393
Planktothricoides raciborskii101366
Pseudanabaena sp.101283
Pseudanabaena sp.101313
Pseudanabaena sp.101433
Pseudanabaena sp.101434
Pseudanabaena sp.101435
Pseudanabaena sp.101436
Pseudanabaena sp.101437
Pseudanabaena sp.101438
Pseudanabaena sp.101439
Pseudanabaena sp.101440
Pseudanabaena sp.101441
Pseudanabaena sp.101442
Pseudanabaena sp.101444
Spirulina sp.101359
Spirulina subsalsa101202
Synechococcus rubescens104176
Synechococcus rubescens104181
Synechococcus rubescens104182
Synechococcus rubescens104183
Synechococcus rubescens104185
Synechococcus sp.101204
Synechococcus sp.101294
Synechococcus sp.101315
Synechococcus sp.101362
Synechococcus sp.101398
Synechococcus sp.101426
Synechococcus sp.101446
Synechococcus sp.101448
Synechocystis sp.101200
Synechocystis sp.101314
Synechocystis sp.101316
Synechocystis sp.101361
Synechocystis sp.101397
Synechocystis sp.101445
Tolipothrix sp.101307