Checking the order

Checking the order

After having selected the Payment Terms the computer system will perform a quick order check for your order. This check will link the legal requirements for shipping to your delivery address (country and company/institution) to the products you are about to order.

In case the system finds a problem it will inform you about the problem and ask you to please remove the product from your ordering list. Possible reasons for the system to show errors are that e.g. certain risk groups may not be delivered to your country or that your account is missing an appropriate permission to work with RG2 organisms or that the desired delivery type cannot be provided for your country (dry ice shipment to certain countries like Africa) etc.

Mostly the message is clearly described. If you receive a yellow marked message you still have the opprotunity to book that organism, however if you receive a message in a red box it means that you will have to remove that organism from your order list.

Only if all products are clear the final price will be calculated and depicted and you can continue with your order.

If you wish you can enter your purchase order no. as a reference no. and you can also leave a comment along with the order. Both information will be transmitted to our sales department.

You must confirm all checkboxes before the order can be completed.