Order Number and Logout

After having submitted your order it will be booked into our system and receive immediately an order number to which you can refer whilst your order is being processed:

Parallel to that you will also receive an email in which your order and the order number are listed as well as the necessary contact information in case you have any questions. However, neither the fact that you have received that mail nor that we have provided you with an order number means that the DSMZ has confirmed your order yet. It is so far only the confirmation that we have received your order. 

The Order Confirmation will be sent to you after our customer service has approved the order. 


If you logout throughout the whole process of an order your shopping cart will be deleted and you have to enter the products again. After you have finished your order you can remain logged in if you wish. If you do not perform any actions for approx. 30 minutes you will be logged out automatically.