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Mesorhizobium chacoense Velázquez et al. 2001
DSM No.:
17287, Type strain dsm-17287 dsm17287 dsm 17287 Mesorhizobium chacoense
Strain designation:
Other collection no.
or WDCM no.:
CECT 5336, LMG 19008
Isolated from:
root nodules of Prosopis alba
Country and date of sampling:
Argentina, Chaco Arido region
<- E. Velázquez, Univ. Salamanca, Spain; Pr5
Genbank accession numbers:
16S rRNA gene: AJ278249
Cultivation conditions:
Medium 98 , 28°C

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Summary and
additional information:
<- E. Velázquez, Univ. Salamanca, Spain; Pr5. Root nodules of Prosopis alba; Argentina, Chaco Arido region. Type strain. Taxonomy/description (8095). Sequence accession number(s): AJ278249 (8095). (Medium 98, 28°C).
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Risk group:
1 (classification according to German TRBA)
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