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Streptomyces armeniacus (Kalakoutskii and Kusnetsov 1964) Wellington and Williams 1981
Actinoplanes armeniacus Kalakoutskii and Kusnetsov 1964
DSM No.:
43125, Type strain dsm-43125 dsm43125 dsm 43125 Streptomyces armeniacus
Strain designation:
26A-32, ETH 32694
Other collection no.
or WDCM no.:
ATCC 15676, CBS 559.75, IFO 12555, IMET 9250, JCM 3070, KCC A-0070, LBG A 3125, NBRC 12555, NCIMB 10179, RIA 807, VKM Ac-905
Isolated from:
country of origin unknown
Date of sampling:
before 01.04.1975
Nagoya Protocol Restrictions:
There are NO known Nagoya Protocol restrictions for this strain.
<- L. Ettlinger, LBG <- R. Hütter, ETH, 32694 <- V.D. Kuznetsov, RIA, 26A-32
Cultivation conditions:
Medium 65 , 28°C

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Summary and
additional information:
<- L. Ettlinger, LBG <- R. Hütter, ETH, 32694 <- V.D. Kuznetsov, RIA, 26A-32. Soil. Type strain. Taxonomy/description (1300, 2230, 2231). (Medium 65, 28°C).
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1300, 2230, 2231
Risk group:
1 (classification according to German TRBA)
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