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Research focus

The focus of my research is to characterize the dynamic interactions between host cell and plant virus in the early stages of infection progression in order to decipher the mechanisms of infection strategy in its complexity. To accomplish this, we characterize the multiple functions of viral proteins, their interaction with various host factors to elucidate cellular processes currently using transcriptomics and proteomics, which are particularly responsible for suppression of cellular stress response and thus involved in plant defense strategies.

My research interests are therefore the:
•    cell and molecular biology of plant viral diseases
•    interactome analysis of plant cell and virus
•    plant biotechnology and resistance research

Our technical expertise is in microscopy, especially confocal laser microscopy and microdissection of plant tissues down to single organelles:

Laser dissection microscopy (LDM)

To study the early events of virus infection in plants, avoid dilution effects and thus to obtain the most meaningful information, our group uses the MMi Cellcut microdissection system to dissect the first virus-infected plant cells during virus-plant interactions. The collected material is subsequently used in transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic studies at single cell resolution. Read more...