Systematics of Plant Viruses

The collection of the Plant Virus Department currently comprises about 1600 comprehensively characterized virus isolates and antisera. This collection is constantly being expanded to meet the demand and requirements of our customers. In particular, newly emerging viruses are included and innovative test reagents and protocols are developed. This helps to ensure reliable routine testing and makes an important contribution to securing yields and overall plant health.

From routine testing to discovery and research

The diagnosis of plant diseases is often based on experience and an expected portfolio of pathogens. Depending on the plant species and the symptoms observed, testing is then often carried out in diagnostic labs for the usual suspect viruses only, applying specific tests. However, it is not uncommon that sometimes results are inconclusive or that no virus can be detected at all despite conspicuous symptoms. The DSMZ Plant Virus Department has a great depth of experience and competence in the targeted analysis of such samples. Using our wide range of methods and detection techniques, staring from biological assays up to high throughput sequencing, we regularly succeed in discovering viruses that are unexpected for this particular crop or even completely unknown. The last few years have increasingly shown that new viruses emerge frequently through outbreaks. Each case differs depending on the plant species, the sample material or the environmental conditions and has to be evaluated individually. We have successfully analyzed and characterized such samples in close cooperation with diagnostic laboratories, breeders, producers and consultants. Please contact us to discuss all further details for a customized approach and the potential for collaboration.