Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does the DSMZ provide a Safety Data Sheet?

    The yellow-red flyer "Important Information for the Recipient of Microorganisms" is a comprehensive, general, not strain-specific safety data sheet. Individual safety data sheets are provided on request.

  • Can I receive certificates for the strains I ordered?

    A strain-specific certificate on authenticity, origin and quality is printed on each delivery document. All lots of our strains are checked for strain authenticity with strain-specific methodologies. Additional information is not generally provided.

  • Can I receive certificates for the strains I ordered stating that they are free of components of animal origin or components bearing TSE / BSE (Transmissible Spongiforme Encephalopathy / Bovine Spongiforme Encephalopathy)?

    No, the DSMZ does not certify such data. The providers of media and other products may be in a position to certify this information. The DSMZ Department of Microorganisms only uses high-quality providers' products. Please, also remember that according to our Terms & Conditions microorganisms supplied by the DSMZ are for in vitro use only.