Questions and answers (Phages)

  • Does an order on a phage include its host strain, are phage and host delivered together?

    No, phage and host have to be mentioned separately on the order, they are different order positions. Please, use only the host strain recommended by the DSMZ.

  • In what form will the phage be delivered, dried or liquid?

    The form of delivery is the customer┬┤s choice: phages are available as suspensions delivered at ambient temperature (1 mL) or as vacuum-dried samples on filter paper in glass ampoules. The form of delivery is independent of the destination. Some phages are available in one form only.

  • Does the DSMZ provide isolated phage DNA?

    No, currently the DSMZ exclusively offers phages in their complete natural form.

  • Why is there a general price for all phages, independent of the form of delivery?

    Propagation and preservation procedures for phages are different compared to bacteria. If a phage is available in both delivery forms, the DSMZ leaves it to the customer to choose between two delivery forms: phages in liquid or dried in ampoules. Please, observe the different handling of both upon receipt.