Questions and answers (Phages)

  • Does deposition of phages and/or their bacterial host strains cost a fee?

    Deposition of biological material with the DSMZ open collection is free. It is required that the depositor commits to the DSMZ data on the country of origin where a phage was sampled, on the date of sampling and on the habitat/source of isolation in order to fulfill the requirements of the Nagoya Protocol.

  • Is it necessary to deposit the phage host strain together with a phage?

    Yes, a suitable host strain is required together with a phage deposit.

  • What is the initial step before depositing a phage to the open DSMZ collection?

    Depositors are kindly asked to get in contact with the curators of the phage working group, Dr. Christine Rohde or Dr. Johannes Wittmann.