DSMZ Tools for Diving into Cell Line Data

Human and animal cell lines serve as important model systems in cancer and infection research or drug screening. DSMZCellDive enables access to data on DSMZ-provided cell lines and will support the selection of the best cell line model for the customer’s research.

DSMZCellDive is a web portal offering access to high-throughput data and providing authentication information on exactly those human and animal cell lines available in the DSMZ open collection. Identity reference data are available for all cell lines in the open collection (STR profile for human cell lines, COI barcoding for animal cell lines). STR profiles of cell lines of interest can be displayed via the STR profile browser. In addition, researchers own STR datasets of cell lines of their laboratory can be authenticated using the STR profile search.

Since April 2022, transcriptome data are available for the Leukemia and Lymphoma cell line 100 (LL-100) panel. Transcriptome data will be added continuously in the future, presented as separate projects based on disease entities. Data can be explored by selecting genes of interest in a selected set of cell lines and expression profiles can be visualized as downloadable bar charts or as heat maps.