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Checklist for the DepositorCheckliste für Hinterleger

Checklist for the Depositor

Deposition Procedure

Before assigning a deposition number to the biological material to be deposited the DSMZ tests the viability and purity of the culture. For this purpose the DSMZ has to have the biological material to be deposited in its hands. Therefore we urgently ask you to deliver the material as early as possible before the filing date of the patent application. Thus enough time is provided for the cultivation and purity checking and all possible problems hopefully can be solved without risk for the patent.

In case of any questions, please contact:

Phone: + 49 (0) 531 26 16 - 254 (patent depositary)
E-mail: patentdeposit@dsmz.de

  1. Inform the DSMZ about the deposit to be expected
  2. Prepare the biological material in the form and amount requested by the DSMZ
  3. Fill-in the on-line deposit form, print it out and sign it
  4. Package the biological material safely and forward both this and the completed accession form to the DSMZ in good time before the patent application
  5. On request, provide missing information to the DSMZ
  6. After a positive viability and purity testing at the DSMZ the DSMZ accession number will be assigned
  7. You will receive the respective deposition statements
  8. Hand the statements of receipt and viability to the patent office (together with the application)
  9. Depositor Check: Check the material preserved by the DSMZ for identity (when requested)
  10. Inform the DSMZ about the results of your identity check


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