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Deposit FormsHinterlegungsformulare

Deposit Forms to be used

In order to deposit a patent or a safe deposit culture with the DSMZ, the culture must be accompanied by a completed deposit form. The respective form has to be filled out, signed and sent to the DSMZ, either together with the organism or separately. Sending beforehand as pdf file is welcomed. The form for deposit of animal and human cell cultures must be submitted to the DSMZ together with information regarding delivery at least 72 hours before dispatch.

Please note: An individual deposition form has to be used for each culture to be deposited.

After downloading, the forms may be filled out on the screen and printed out afterwards. Please note that the option 'print document and comments/markings' should be chosen for printing. Alternatively, they may be printed out and then filled out using a typewriter.
The forms should be signed by official persons who will sign responsible for the deposit.

Deposit Forms for Patent Purposes


Deposit form for archaea, bacteria and fungi

741 KB


Deposit form for bacteriophages

718 KB


Deposit form for human and animal cell lines

267 KB


Deposit form for plant cell cultures

737 KB


Deposit form for plant viruses

251 KB


Deposit form for plasmid DNA

248 KB