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Furnishing of SamplesAbgabe von Proben

Furnishing of Samples of Patent Strains

Distribution of cultures deposited under the Budapest Treaty will be carried out strictly as outlined in Rule 11 of the regulations of the Treaty.

Samples can be furnished

11.1: To interested industrial property offices

When? ⇒ At any time on request to the DSMZ

11.2: To the depositor or with the authorisation of the depositor to third parties

When? ⇒ At any time on request to the DSMZ

11.3: To parties legally entitled

When? ⇒ By confirmation of the request by the responsible patent office

The request must be made on a special form which may be obtained from the DSMZ or from the relevant patent office. This form must be filled in and sent to the patent office for confirmation. After confirmation the form is forwarded to the DSMZ. The culture then can be delivered.

Please note: The depositor receives a notification from the DSMZ about every release of a sample of a deposited culture.

Indepent of the patent regulations these restrictions might apply.