How the DSMZ contributes

Within the DSMZ department of microorganisms, a phage collection was established more than 30 years ago. Because of the therapeutical use and the undoubted future potential of phages the DSMZ focuses on a substantial expansion of the phage collection, particularly for different pathogenic bacteria. 
One main goal is the considerable growth of the collection of therapeutically interesting phages, as a pool for research and application and to characterize them in the own DSMZ laboratories. 
As a scientific service institution, the DSMZ has own research projects on phages, cooperates with internationally renowned phage experts in biology and medicine and is engaged in the initiative P.H.A.G.E. to endeavour recognition of phage therapy in Europe. The DSMZ contributes to phage application by working on the basic steps: fundamental phage microbiology and phage characterization; DSMZ phages are available for authorized recipients.    

Important: Like all other DSMZ bioresources, also phages are for laboratory use only, not for direct application in or on humans or animals. For direct application, the phages must be further propagated and a new stock under appropriately controlled conditions must be prepared.