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Tumor Biology

The deregulation of genes due to genomic and epigenomic alterations is a common feature of tumor cells. In recent years it has become clear that in cancer cells small non-coding RNA genes are also affected by deregulation. Small non-coding RNAs comprise a heterogeneous group of RNAs which are not translated into protein. One sub-group is the microRNAs, that are 19-24 nucleotides long and negatively regulate gene expression by targeting mRNAs to degradation or inhibiting their translation. There is emerging knowledge that these small regulatory RNAs play an important role during differentiation, development and, importantly, in tumorigenesis. Furthermore, microRNAs might serve as biomarkers and targets for future therapies. But we still need a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying deregulation of small non-coding RNAs and of their functional consequences in cancer to characterize the tumor suppressive or -promoting capacities of specific small RNAs.

We are investigating molecular mechanism of normal and pathologic transcriptional regulation of small non-coding RNAs in lymphoma. Aiming to clarify the functional impact of specific microRNAs for lymphomagenesis, we are analyzing their targetome and the signaling pathways these RNAs are involved in. To achieve this, we are using state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques like RNA immunoprecipitation (Figure 1) followed by next-generation sequencing and a spectrum of cell-based functional assays.

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