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Provision and Mobilization of prokaryotic metadata for next-generation biodiversity analysesMobilisierung und Bereitstellung von Metadaten für Biodiversitätsanalysen der nächsten Generation

BacDive - The Bacterial Metadatabase

The internet portal BacDive - The Bacterial Meta-Database offers mobilized data covering the multifarious aspects of microbial biodiversity. The BacDive portal offers information on taxonomic classification, morphology, physiology, cultivation, origin, natural habitat and isolation procedures. Currently we are working on closing the huge gaps of data availability. Subsequently, the features of BacDive will be developed further in order to provide novel types of biodiversity analyses such as the distribution of physiological traits across taxa, the geographic distribution of phylogenetically close relatives, or comparisons of the physiological traits with the metabolic potential as indicated by genomic data.

Provision and Mobilization of prokaryotic metadata for next-generation biodiversity analyses

Within the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) the Leibniz-Institute DSMZ constitutes the german node GBIF-D Bacteria & Archaea. DSMZ currently provides over 19,500 records of more than 8,200 species. So far, taxon-associated information on bacterial strains such as the distribution, habitat, morphology, physiology, and organismic interactions are available to a minor degree. Although relevant information is already present in primary descriptions for new taxa or recorded descriptions of living bacterial collections, these sources of knowledge are often neither centrally located nor structured searchable and accessible via the Internet. Within the BMBF-funded project for mobilization and digitization of prokaryotic metadata, a comprehensive source of taxon-associated metadata of bacterial and archaeal strains is established. If not available in a digital format the text and picture-derived contents are digitized. Subsequently, the data are recovered by the use of text and data mining methods. The extracted information is semantically structured, edited and finally made publicly available via the Internet.

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