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Research - Microorganisms

The scientists maintaining the open collection study the diversity and taxonomy of bacteria, archaea, fungi and phages. They focus on the description of yet unknown prokaryotic taxa using a polyphasic approach including genetic, genomic, biochemical, ecological and chemotaxonomic methods.
A second topic is the development of cultivation and preservation methods for biological material and the safe and secure handling of cultures.


The collection of microorganisms is operated by eight specialist laboratories - each headed by an expert for selected groups of organisms. Find the individual expertise of the curators here


An additional research group, Phylogenomics, is developing tools to make use of genomic characters for phylogeny and taxonomy. Typical projects of this group are the Genome-To-Genome Distance Calculator, GEBA and Phylogenomics and Functional Genomics of the Roseobacter clade.


Our research projects are described here.