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All Species Living Tree ProjectAll Species Living Tree Project

All Species Living Tree Project

The aim of “The All-Species Living Tree” project is to reconstruct a single 16S rRNA tree harboring all sequenced type strains of the hitherto classified species of Archaea and Bacteria. Five international partners together with the journal Systematic and Applied Microbiology (SAM) are networking in order to provide a useful tool especially for the microbial taxonomist and ecologist community. The living tree database provides corrected entries and the best quality sequences with a manually checked alignment. During the project, 553 “orphan” species were identified. These species were not represented by a respective 16S rRNA gene sequence entry in the public repositories, or the 16S rRNA sequence entries of the type strains were of unsatisfactory quality. The DSMZ provides  biomass and sequences of such orphan species with the aim to fill the gaps in the genealogical tree.

Project Partner at the DSMZ

Photo of Cathrin  Spröer
Dr. Spröer, Cathrin
Phone: +49-531/2616-101

Partial and complete 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, phylogenetic analysis, spectroscopic DNA-DNA hybridization