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GEBA - Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and ArchaeaGEBA - Genomische Enzyklopädie von Bakterien und Archaeen


The GEBA (Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea) project and its follow-up projects aim at systematically filling in the gaps in sequencing along the bacterial and archaeal branches of the tree of life. The DSMZ conducts these projects in close cooperation with the JGI (Joint Genome Institute).

  • The GEBA pilot phase included 250 type strains.
  • KMG (1000 Microbial Genomes) phase I was completed in 2014.
  • KMG-II also comprises 1000 type-strain genomes and is ongoing as of 2015.
  • ACTINO-1000 comprises up to 1000 actinobacterial strains and is ongoing as of 2015.

Project Partner at the DSMZ

Photo of Markus  Göker
PD Dr. Göker, Markus
Phone: +49-531/2616-272