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Phage Call ProjectAufruf an Phagenforschungsgruppen

Phage Call Project

To the colleagues in the phage research community

This call addresses the global phage researchers community and attracts attention to one of the major phage-experienced collections. Researchers around the world are encouraged to deposit phages with the DSMZ's public collection in order to improve the spectrum of phage versatility, as a service to the scientific community.

Phages should be kept safe and viable for following generations, scientific and applied research. Depositors may donate their biological material that will be distributed to authorised requestors for a fee. The DSMZ Terms with integrated MTA exclude commercial use of the bioresources of the open collection and their distribution by requestors to a third party.

DSMZ's growing phage collection focuses on phages for pathogenic hosts, but we also welcome the whole range of phage versatility.

More information: https://www.dsmz.de/fileadmin/Bereiche/Microbiology/Dateien/15Phage_call_project.pdf .

Project Partner at the DSMZ

Photo of Christine  Rohde
Dr. Rohde, Christine
Phone: +49-531/2616-220

All kinds of naturally occurring or genetically engineered plasmids within hosts, broad variety of phages from different habitats and for various hosts, E. coli mutants, test and host strains, medically relevant E. coli.