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Plant VirusesPflanzenviren

Research - Plant Viruses

The research interests are covering both basic and applied problems in plant virology and plant virus diagnosis. The description of new viruses and information on the variability of virus genomes provide the basis for R & D to devise virus diagnostic reagents and protocols.
Studies on the genetic structure of viral populations have implications for virus evolution, ecology and emergence and for the development of strategies to develop virus resistance in plants.

A main interest is the evolution and ecology of tropical plant viruses and especially on plant-virus-vector interactions. As part of this work we are investigating how plant viruses are transmitted by the insects in order to elucidate the mechanisms of virus recognition and translocation.
We are also interested in the molecular mechanisms triggered by virus infections leading to recovery and plant resistance and although initially of a basic virological nature, most of this work ultimately will have practical applications in the development of virus resistance in significant crops.