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Publications of the DSMZ

Here you will find a complete list of all scientific publications.

2017 Mukherjee,S., Seshadri,R., Varghese,N.J., Eloe-Fadrosh,E.A., Meier-Kolthoff,J.P., Goker,M., Coates,R.C., Hadjithomas,M., Pavlopoulos,G.A., Paez-Espino,D., Yoshikuni,Y., Visel,A., Whitman,W.B., Garrity,G.M., Eisen,J.A., Hugenholtz,P., Pati,A., Ivanova,N.N., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N.C. ( 2017 ) 1,003 reference genomes of bacterial and archaeal isolates expand coverage of the tree of life Nat Biotechnol 35 (7) :676-683.

2017 Ghosh,H., Bunk,B., Doijad,S., Schmiedel,J., Falgenhauer,L., Sproer,C., Imirzalioglu,C., Overmann,J., Chakraborty,T. ( 2017 ) Complete Genome Sequence of blaCTX-M-27-Encoding Escherichia coli Strain H105 of Sequence Type 131 Lineage C1/H30R Genome Announc 5 (31)

2017 Beyersmann,P.G., Tomasch,J., Son,K., Stocker,R., Goker,M., Wagner-Dobler,I., Simon,M., Brinkhoff,T. ( 2017 ) Dual function of tropodithietic acid as antibiotic and signaling molecule in global gene regulation of the probiotic bacterium Phaeobacter inhibens Sci Rep 7 (1) :730.

2017 Mannala,G.K., Hain,T., Sproer,C., Bunk,B., Overmann,J., Alt,V., Domann,E. ( 2017 ) Complete Genome and Plasmid Sequences of Staphylococcus aureus EDCC 5055 (DSM 28763), Used To Study Implant-Associated Infections Genome Announc 5 (8)

2017 deHoog,G.S., Dukik,K., Monod,M., Packeu,A., Stubbe,D., Hendrickx,M., Kupsch,C., Stielow,J.B., Freeke,J., Goker,M., Rezaei-Matehkolaei,A., Mirhendi,H., Graser,Y. ( 2017 ) Toward a Novel Multilocus Phylogenetic Taxonomy for the Dermatophytes Mycopathologia 182 (1-2) :5-31.

2017 Montero-Calasanz,M.D., Meier-Kolthoff,J.P., Zhang,D.F., Yaramis,A., Rohde,M., Woyke,T., Kyrpides,N.C., Schumann,P., Li,W.J., Goker,M. ( 2017 ) Genome-Scale Data Call for a Taxonomic Rearrangement of Geodermatophilaceae Frontiers in Microbiology 8

2017 Nouioui,I., Goker,M., Carro,L., Montero-Calasanz,M.D., Rohde,M., Woyke,T., Kyrpides,N.C., Klenk,H.P. ( 2017 ) High quality draft genome of Nakamurella lactea type strain, a rock actinobacterium, and emended description of Nakamurella lactea Stand Genomic Sci 12 :4.

2017 Laviad-Shitrit,S., Goker,M., Huntemann,M., Clum,A., Pillay,M., Palaniappan,K., Varghese,N., Mikhailova,N., Stamatis,D., Reddy,T.B.K., Daum,C., Shapiro,N., Markowitz,V., Ivanova,N., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N.C., Halpern,M. ( 2017 ) High quality permanent draft genome sequence of Chryseobacterium bovis DSM 19482(T), isolated from raw cow milk Stand Genomic Sci 12 :31.

2017 Schmidt,I., Riedel,T., Schober,I., Bunk,B., Sproer,C., Bierbrodt,A., Lehnherr,H., Wittmann,J. ( 2017 ) Genome Sequence of Escherichia coli E28, a Multidrug-Resistant Strain Isolated from a Chicken Carcass, and Its Spontaneously Inducible Prophage Genome Announc 5 (22)

2017 Jiao,J.Y., Carro,L., Liu,L., Gao,X.Y., Zhang,X.T., Hozzein,W.N., Lapidus,A., Huntemann,M., Reddy,T.B.K., Varghese,N., Hadjithomas,M., Ivanova,N.N., Goker,M., Pillay,M., Eisen,J.A., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N.C., Li,W.J. ( 2017 ) Complete genome sequence of Jiangella gansuensis strain YIM 002(T) (DSM 44835(T)), the type species of the genus Jiangella and source of new antibiotic compounds Stand Genomic Sci 12 :21.

2017 Sonnenschein,E.C., Nielsen,K.F., D'Alvise,P., Porsby,C.H., Melchiorsen,J., Heilmann,J., Kalatzis,P.G., Lopez-Perez,M., Bunk,B., Sproer,C., Middelboe,M., Gram,L. ( 2017 ) Global occurrence and heterogeneity of the Roseobacter-clade species Ruegeria mobilis ISME J 11 (2) :588.

2017 vanIngen,J., Kohl,T.A., Kranzer,K., Hasse,B., Keller,P.M., KatarzynaSzafranska,A., Hillemann,D., Chand,M., Schreiber,P.W., Sommerstein,R., Berger,C., Genoni,M., Ruegg,C., Troillet,N., Widmer,A.F., Becker,S.L., Herrmann,M., Eckmanns,T., Haller,S., Holler,C., Debast,S.B., Wolfhagen,M.J., Hopman,J., Kluytmans,J., Langelaar,M., Notermans,D.W., TenOever,J., vandenBarselaar,P., Vonk,A.B.A., Vos,M.C., Ahmed,N., Brown,T., Crook,D., Lamagni,T., Phin,N., Smith,E.G., Zambon,M., Serr,A., Gotting,T., Ebner,W., Thurmer,A., Utpatel,C., Sproer,C., Bunk,B., Nübel,U., Bloemberg,G.V., Bottger,E.C., Niemann,S., Wagner,D., Sax,H. ( 2017 ) Global outbreak of severe Mycobacterium chimaera disease after cardiac surgery: a molecular epidemiological study Lancet Infect Dis 17 (10) :1033-1041.

2017 Hollensteiner,J., Poehlein,A., Sproer,C., Bunk,B., Sheppard,A.E., Rosenstiel,P., Schulenburg,H., Liesegang,H. ( 2017 ) Complete genome sequence of the nematicidal Bacillus thuringiensis MYBT18247 J Biotechnol 260 :48-52.

2017 Ahn,A.C., Meier-Kolthoff,J.P., Overmars,L., Richter,M., Woyke,T., Sorokin,D.Y., Muyzer,G. ( 2017 ) Genomic diversity within the haloalkaliphilic genus Thioalkalivibrio PLoS One 12 (3) :e0173517.

2017 Riedel,T., Wittmann,J., Bunk,B., Schober,I., Sproer,C., Gronow,S., Overmann,J. ( 2017 ) A Clostridioides difficile bacteriophage genome encodes functional binary toxin-associated genes J Biotechnol 250 :23-28.

2017 Wendling,C.C., Piecyk,A., Refardt,D., Chibani,C., Hertel,R., Liesegang,H., Bunk,B., Overmann,J., Roth,O. ( 2017 ) Tripartite species interaction: eukaryotic hosts suffer more from phage susceptible than from phage resistant bacteria BMC Evol Biol 17 (1) :98.

2017 Breider,S., Freese,H.M., Sproer,C., Simon,M., Overmann,J., Brinkhoff,T. ( 2017 ) Phaeobacter porticola sp nov., an antibiotic-producing bacterium isolated from a sea harbour International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (7) :2153-2159.

2017 Dösselmann,B., Willmann,M., Steglich,M., Bunk,B., Nübel,U., Peter,S., Neher,R.A. ( 2017 ) Rapid and Consistent Evolution of Colistin Resistance in Extensively Drug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa during Morbidostat Culture Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61 (9)

2017 Garzetti,D., Brugiroux,S., Bunk,B., Pukall,R., McCoy,K.D., Macpherson,A.J., Stecher,B. ( 2017 ) High-Quality Whole-Genome Sequences of the Oligo-Mouse-Microbiota Bacterial Community Genome Announc 5 (42)

2017 Kublanov,I.V., Sigalova,O.M., Gavrilov,S.N., Lebedinsky,A.V., Rinke,C., Kovaleva,O., Chernyh,N.A., Ivanova,N., Daum,C., Reddy,T.B., Klenk,H.P., Spring,S., Goker,M., Reva,O.N., Miroshnichenko,M.L., Kyrpides,N.C., Woyke,T., Gelfand,M.S., Bonch-Osmolovskaya,E.A. ( 2017 ) Genomic Analysis of Caldithrix abyssi, the Thermophilic Anaerobic Bacterium of the Novel Bacterial Phylum Calditrichaeota Front Microbiol 8 :195.

2017 Riedel,T., Wetzel,D., Hofmann,J.D., Plorin,S., Dannheim,H., Berges,M., Zimmermann,O., Bunk,B., Schober,I., Sproer,C., Liesegang,H., Jahn,D., Overmann,J., Gross,U., Neumann-Schaal,M. ( 2017 ) High metabolic versatility of different toxigenic and non-toxigenic Clostridioides difficile isolates Int J Med Microbiol 307 (6) :311-320.

2017 Zautner,A.E., Bunk,B., Pfeifer,Y., Sproer,C., Reichard,U., Eiffert,H., Scheithauer,S., Gross,U., Overmann,J., Bohne,W. ( 2017 ) Monitoring microevolution of OXA-48-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae ST147 in a hospital setting by SMRT sequencing J Antimicrob Chemother 72 (10) :2737-2744.

2017 Matrosova,V.Y., Gaidamakova,E.K., Makarova,K.S., Grichenko,O., Klimenkova,P., Volpe,R.P., Tkavc,R., Ertem,G., Conze,I.H., Brambilla,E., Huntemann,M., Clum,A., Pillay,M., Palaniappan,K., Varghese,N., Mikhailova,N., Stamatis,D., Reddy,T., Daum,C., Shapiro,N., Ivanova,N., Kyrpides,N., Woyke,T., Daligault,H., Davenport,K., Erkkila,T., Goodwin,L.A., Gu,W., Munk,C., Teshima,H., Xu,Y., Chain,P., Woolbert,M., Gunde-Cimerman,N., Wolf,Y.I., Grebenc,T., Gostincar,C., Daly,M.J. ( 2017 ) High-quality genome sequence of the radioresistant bacterium Deinococcus ficus KS 0460 Stand Genomic Sci 12 :46.

2017 Birkeland,N.K., Schonheit,P., Poghosyan,L., Fiebig,A., Klenk,H.P. ( 2017 ) Complete genome sequence analysis of Archaeoglobus fulgidus strain 7324 (DSM 8774), a hyperthermophilic archaeal sulfate reducer from a North Sea oil field Stand Genomic Sci 12 :79.

2017 Dreiseikelmann,B., Bunk,B., Sproer,C., Rohde,M., Nimtz,M., Wittmann,J. ( 2017 ) Characterization and genome comparisons of three Achromobacter phages of the family Siphoviridae Arch Virol 162 (8) :2191-2201.

2017 BenHania,W., Joseph,M., Bunk,B., Sproer,C., Klenk,H.P., Fardeau,M.L., Spring,S. ( 2017 ) Characterization of the first cultured representative of a Bacteroidetes clade specialized on the scavenging of cyanobacteria Environ Microbiol 19 (3) :1134-1148.

2017 Stackebrandt,E., Smith,D. ( 2017 ) Expanding the 'Digital Protologue' database (DPD) to 'Archives of Microbiology': an offer to scientists and science Arch Microbiol 199 (4) :519-520.

2017 Nasr,S., Mohammadimehr,M., Vaghei,M.G., Amoozegar,M.A., Fazeli,S.A.S., Yurkov,A. ( 2017 ) Jaminaea pallidilutea sp nov (Microstromatales), a basidiomycetous yeast isolated from plant material of mangrove forests in Iran International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (11) :4405-4408.

2017 Yurkov,A.M., Dauchy,D., Peter,G. ( 2017 ) Meyerozyma amylolytica sp nov from temperate deciduous trees and the transfer of five Candida species to the genus Meyerozyma International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (10) :3977-3981.

2017 Wijayawardene,N.N., Hyde,K.D., Rajeshkumar,K.C., Hawksworth,D.L., Madrid,H., Kirk,P.M., Braun,U., Singh,R.V., Crous,P.W., Kukwa,M., Lucking,R., Kurtzman,C.P., Yurkov,A., Haelewaters,D., Aptroot,A., Lumbsch,H.T., Timdal,E., Ertz,D., Etayo,J., Phillips,A.J.L., Groenewald,J.Z., Papizadeh,M., Selbmann,L., Dayarathne,M.C., Weerakoon,G., Jones,E.B.G., Suetrong,S., Tian,Q., Castaneda-Ruiz,R.F., Bahkali,A.H., Pang,K.L., Tanaka,K., Dai,D.Q., Sakayaroj,J., Hujslova,M., Lombard,L., Shenoy,B.D., Suija,A., Maharachchikumbura,S.S.N., Thambugala,K.M., Wanasinghe,D.N., Sharma,B.O., Gaikwad,S., Pandit,G., Zucconi,L., Onofri,S., Egidi,E., Raja,H.A., Kodsueb,R., Caceres,M.E.S., Perez-Ortega,S., Fiuza,P.O., Monteiro,J.S., Vasilyeva,L.N., Shivas,R.G., Prieto,M., Wedin,M., Olariaga,I., Lateef,A.A., Agrawal,Y., Fazeli,S.A.S., Amoozegar,M.A., Zhao,G.Z., Pfliegler,W.P., Sharma,G., Oset,M., Abdel-Wahab,M.A., Takamatsu,S., Bensch,K., deSilva,N.I., DeKesel,A., Karunarathna,A., Boonmee,S., Pfister,D.H., Lu,Y.Z., Luo,Z.L., Boonyuen,N., Daranagama,D.A., Senanayake,I.C., Jayasiri,S.C., Samarakoon,M.C., Zeng,X.Y., Doilom,M., Quijada,L., Rampadarath,S., Heredia,G., Dissanayake,A.J., Jayawardana,R.S., Perera,R.H., Tang,L.Z., Phukhamsakda,C., Hernandez-Restrepo,M., Ma,X.Y., Tibpromma,S., Gusmao,L.F.P., Weerahewa,D., Karunarathna,S.C. ( 2017 ) Notes for genera: Ascomycota Fungal Diversity 86 (1) :1-594.

2017 Pontes,A., Rohl,A., MaLdonado,C., Yurkov,A.M., Sampaio,J.P. ( 2017 ) Cryptotrichosporon argae sp nov., Cryptotrichosporon brontae sp nov and Cryptotrichosporon steropae sp nov., isolated from forest soils International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (9) :3610-3614.

2017 Caton,L., Yurkov,A., Giesbers,M., Dijksterhuis,J., Ingham,C.J. ( 2017 ) Physically Triggered Morphology Changes in a Novel Acremonium Isolate Cultivated in Precisely Engineered Microfabricated Environments Frontiers in Microbiology 8

2017 Brasch,J., Beck-Jendroscheck,V., Voss,K., Yurkov,A., Stchigel,A.M., Graser,Y. ( 2017 ) Xanthothecium peruvianum isolated from human stratum corneum: A case report, characterisation and short review that suggest emendation of Arachnomyces peruvianus Mycoses 60 (7) :469-476.

2017 Schulz,M., Sicker,D., Schackow,O., Hennig,L., Yurkov,A., Siebers,M., Hofmann,D., Disko,U., Ganimede,C., Mondani,L., Tabaglio,V., Marocco,A. ( 2017 ) Interspecies-cooperations of abutilon theophrasti with root colonizing microorganisms disarm BOA-OH allelochemicals Plant Signaling & Behavior 12 (8)

2017 Adriaenssens,E.M., Krupovic,M., Knezevic,P., Ackermann,H.W., Barylski,J., Brister,J.R., Clokie,M.R., Duffy,S., Dutilh,B.E., Edwards,R.A., Enault,F., Jang,H.B., Klumpp,J., Kropinski,A.M., Lavigne,R., Poranen,M.M., Prangishvili,D., Rumnieks,J., Sullivan,M.B., Wittmann,J., Oksanen,H.M., Gillis,A., Kuhn,J.H. ( 2017 ) Taxonomy of prokaryotic viruses: 2016 update from the ICTV bacterial and archaeal viruses subcommittee Arch Virol 162 (4) :1153-1157.

2017 Avci,B., Hahnke,R.L., Chafee,M., Fischer,T., Gruber-Vodicka,H., Tegetmeyer,H.E., Harder,J., Fuchs,B.M., Amann,R.I., Teeling,H. ( 2017 ) Genomic and physiological analyses of 'Reinekea forsetii' reveal a versatile opportunistic lifestyle during spring algae blooms Environ Microbiol 19 (3) :1209-1221.

2017 Beblo-Vranesevic,K., Bohmeier,M., Perras,A.K., Schwendner,P., Rabbow,E., Moissl-Eichinger,C., Cockell,C.S., Pukall,R., Vannier,P., Marteinsson,V.T., Monaghan,E.P., Ehrenfreund,P., Garcia-Descalzo,L., Gomez,F., Malki,M., Amils,R., Gaboyer,F., Westall,F., Cabezas,P., Walter,N., Rettberg,P. ( 2017 ) The responses of an anaerobic microorganism, Yersinia intermedia MASE-LG-1 to individual and combined simulated Martian stresses PLoS One 12 (10) :e0185178.

2017 Herbold,C.W., Lehtovirta-Morley,L.E., Jung,M.Y., Jehmlich,N., Hausmann,B., Han,P., Loy,A., Pester,M., Sayavedra-Soto,L.A., Rhee,S.K., Prosser,J.I., Nicol,G.W., Wagner,M., Gubry-Rangin,C. ( 2017 ) Ammonia-oxidising archaea living at low pH: Insights from comparative genomics Environ Microbiol 19 (12) :4939-4952.

2017 Koskinen,K., Rettberg,P., Pukall,R., Auerbach,A., Wink,L., Barczyk,S., Perras,A., Mahnert,A., Margheritis,D., Kminek,G., Moissl-Eichinger,C. ( 2017 ) Microbial biodiversity assessment of the European Space Agency's ExoMars 2016 mission Microbiome 5 (1) :143.

2017 Huber,K.J., Geppert,A.M., Gross,U., Luckner,M., Wanner,G., Cooper,P., Abakah,J., Janssen,I., Overmann,J. ( 2017 ) Aridibacter nitratireducens sp nov., a member of the family Blastocatellaceae, class Blastocatellia, isolated from an African soil International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (11) :4487-4493.

2017 MacLeod,R.A., Kaufmann,M.E., Drexler,H.G. ( 2017 ) Cytogenetic Harvesting of Cancer Cells and Cell Lines Methods Mol Biol 1541 :43-58.

2017 Palau,A., Mallo,M., Palomo,L., Rodriguez-Hernandez,I., Diesch,J., Campos,D., Granada,I., Junca,J., Drexler,H.G., Sole,F., Buschbeck,M. ( 2017 ) Immunophenotypic, cytogenetic, and mutational characterization of cell lines derived from myelodysplastic syndrome patients after progression to acute myeloid leukemia Genes Chromosomes Cancer 56 (3) :243-252.

2017 Tindall,B.J. ( 2017 ) Clarifying the limitations on Rule 18a and Rule 30 of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (2) :505-506.

2017 Drexler,H.G., Dirks,W.G., MacLeod,R.A., Uphoff,C.C. ( 2017 ) False and mycoplasma-contaminated leukemia-lymphoma cell lines: time for a reappraisal Int J Cancer 140 (5) :1209-1214.

2017 Tindall,B.J., Sutton,G., Garrity,G.M. ( 2017 ) Enterobacter aerogenes Hormaeche and Edwards 1960 (Approved Lists 1980) and Klebsiella mobilis Bascomb et al. 1971 (Approved Lists 1980) share the same nomenclatural type (ATCC 13048) on the Approved Lists and are homotypic synonyms, with consequences for the name Klebsiella mobilis Bascomb et al. 1971 (Approved Lists 1980) International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (2) :502-504.

2017 Nagel,S., Pommerenke,C., Scherr,M., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Battmer,K., MacLeod,R.A., Drexler,H.G. ( 2017 ) NKL homeobox gene activities in hematopoietic stem cells, T-cell development and T-cell leukemia PLoS One 12 (2) :e0171164.

2017 Tindall,B.J. ( 2017 ) The consequences of Bacillus axarquiensis Ruiz-Garcia et al. 2005, Bacillus malacitensis Ruiz-Garcia et al. 2005 and Brevibacterium halotolerans Delaporte and Sasson 1967 (Approved Lists 1980) being treated as heterotypic synonyms International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (1) :175-176.

2017 Nagel,S., Pommerenke,C., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., MacLeod,R.A.F., Drexler,H.G. ( 2017 ) Identification of a tumor suppressor network in T-cell leukemia Leuk Lymphoma 58 (9) :2196-2207.

2017 Pereira,P.H.F., Macrae,A., Reinert,F., deSouza,R.F., Coelho,R.R.R., Potter,G., Klenk,H.P., Labeda,D.P. ( 2017 ) Streptomyces odonnellii sp nov., a proteolytic streptomycete isolated from soil under cerrado (savanna) vegetation cover International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (12) :5211-5215.

2017 Daniele,G., Simonetti,G., Fusilli,C., Iacobucci,I., Lonoce,A., Palazzo,A., Lomiento,M., Mammoli,F., Marsano,R.M., Marasco,E., Mantovani,V., Quentmeier,H., Drexler,H.G., Ding,J., Palumbo,O., Carella,M., Nadarajah,N., Perricone,M., Ottaviani,E., Baldazzi,C., Testoni,N., Papayannidis,C., Ferrari,S., Mazza,T., Martinelli,G., Storlazzi,C.T. ( 2017 ) Epigenetically induced ectopic expression of UNCX impairs the proliferation and differentiation of myeloid cells Haematologica 102 (7) :1204-1214.

2017 Nouioui,I., Sangal,V., Carro,L., Teramoto,K., Jando,M., Montero-Calasanz,M.D., Igual,J.M., Sutcliffe,I., Goodfellow,M., Klenk,H.P. ( 2017 ) Two novel species of rapidly growing mycobacteria: Mycobacterium lehmannii sp nov and Mycobacterium neumannii sp nov. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (12) :4948-4955.

2017 AitGhezali,L., Arbabian,A., Roudot,H., Brouland,J.P., Baran-Marszak,F., Salvaris,E., Boyd,A., Drexler,H.G., Enyedi,A., Letestu,R., Varin-Blank,N., Papp,B. ( 2017 ) Induction of endoplasmic reticulum calcium pump expression during early leukemic B cell differentiation J Exp Clin Cancer Res 36 (1) :87.

2017 Nouioui,I., Carro,L., Teramoto,K., Igual,J.M., Jando,M., Montero-Calasanz,M.D., Sutcliffe,I., Sangal,V., Goodfellow,M., Klenk,H.P. ( 2017 ) Mycobacterium eburneum sp nov., a non-chromogenic, fast-growing strain isolated from sputum International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (9) :3174-3181.

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2017 Hahn,M.W., Koll,U., Karbon,G., Schmidt,J., Lang,E. ( 2017 ) Polynucleobacter aenigmaticus sp. nov. isolated from the permanently anoxic monimolimnion of a temperate meromictic lake Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 67 (11) :4646-4654.

2017 Jawhar,M., Naumann,N., Knut,M., Score,J., Ghazzawi,M., Schneider,B., Kreuzer,K.A., Hallek,M., Drexler,H.G., Chacko,J., Wallis,L., Fabarius,A., Metzgeroth,G., Hofmann,W.K., Chase,A., Tapper,W., Reiter,A., Cross,N.C.P. ( 2017 ) Cytogenetically cryptic ZMYM2-FLT3 and DIAPH1-PDGFRB gene fusions in myeloid neoplasms with eosinophilia Leukemia 31 (10) :2271-2273.

2017 Hahn,M.W., Karbon,G., Koll,U., Schmidt,J., Lang,E. ( 2017 ) Polynucleobacter sphagniphilus sp. nov. a planktonic freshwater bacterium isolated from an acidic and humic freshwater habitat Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 67 (9) :3261-3267.

2017 Nagel,S., Pommerenke,C., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., MacLeod,R.A.F., Drexler,H.G. ( 2017 ) NKL homeobox gene MSX1 acts like a tumor suppressor in NK-cell leukemia Oncotarget 8 (40) :66815-66832.

2017 Hahn,M.W., Huymann,L.R., Koll,U., Schmidt,J., Lang,E., Hoetzinger,M. ( 2017 ) Polynucleobacter wuianus sp. nov., a free-living freshwater bacterium affiliated with the cryptic species complex PnecC Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 67 (2) :379-385.

2017 ChaabaneChaouch,F., Bouras,N., Mokrane,S., Bouznada,K., Zitouni,A., Potter,G., Sproer,C., Klenk,H.P., Sabaou,N. ( 2017 ) Planomonospora algeriensis sp. nov., an actinobacterium isolated from a Saharan soil of Algeria Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 110 (2) :245-252.

2017 Choi,D.H., Jang,G.I., Lapidus,A., Copeland,A., Reddy,T.B.K., Mukherjee,S., Huntemann,M., Varghese,N., Ivanova,N., Pillay,M., Tindall,B.J., Goker,M., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N.C., Cho,B.C. ( 2017 ) Draft genome sequence of Marinobacterium rhizophilum CL-YJ9(T) (DSM 18822(T)), isolated from the rhizosphere of the coastal tidal-flat plant Suaeda japonica Stand Genomic Sci 12 :65.

2017 Panschin,I., Becher,M., Verbarg,S., Sproer,C., Rohde,M., Schuler,M., Amann,R.I., Harder,J., Tindall,B.J., Hahnke,R.L. ( 2017 ) Description of Gramella forsetii sp nov., a marine Flavobacteriaceae isolated from North Sea water, and emended description of Gramella gaetbulicola Cho et al. 2011 International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 67 (3) :697-703.

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