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Publications of the DSMZ

Here you will find a complete list of all scientific publications.

2015 Nagel,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Aberrant expression of homeobox gene SIX1 in Hodgkin lymphoma Oncotarget 6 (37) :40112-26.

2015 McIlroy,S., Lapidus,A., Thomsen,T., Han,J., Haynes,M., Lobos,E., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N., Markowitz,V., Verbarg,S., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N., Nielsen,P. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence of Meganema perideroedes str. Gr1T and a proposal for its reclassification to the family Meganemaceae fam. nov Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1) :23.

2015 Kretzmer,H., Bernhart,S.H., Wang,W., Haake,A., Weniger,M.A., Bergmann,A.K., Betts,M.J., Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau,E., Doose,G., Gutwein,J., Richter,J., Hovestadt,V., Huang,B., Rico,D., Juhling,F., Kolarova,J., Lu,Q., Otto,C., Wagener,R., Arnolds,J., Burkhardt,B., Claviez,A., Drexler,H.G., Eberth,S., Eils,R., Flicek,P., Haas,S., Hummel,M., Karsch,D., Kerstens,H.H., Klapper,W., Kreuz,M., Lawerenz,C., Lenze,D., Loeffler,M., Lopez,C., MacLeod,R.A., Martens,J.H., Kulis,M., Martin-Subero,J.I., Moller,P., Nagel,I., Picelli,S., Vater,I., Rohde,M., Rosenstiel,P., Rosolowski,M., Russell,R.B., Schilhabel,M., Schlesner,M., Stadler,P.F., Szczepanowski,M., Trumper,L., Stunnenberg,H.G., project,I.M.-S., project,B., Kuppers,R., Ammerpohl,O., Lichter,P., Siebert,R., Hoffmann,S., Radlwimmer,B. ( 2015 ) DNA methylome analysis in Burkitt and follicular lymphomas identifies differentially methylated regions linked to somatic mutation and transcriptional control Nat Genet 47 (11) :1316-25.

2015 Makonde,H.M., Mwirichia,R., Osiemo,Z., Boga,H.I., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) 454 Pyrosequencing-based assessment of bacterial diversity and community structure in termite guts, mounds and surrounding soils Springerplus 4 :471.

2015 Nagel,S., Ehrentraut,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Aberrantly Expressed OTX Homeobox Genes Deregulate B-Cell Differentiation in Hodgkin Lymphoma PLoS One 10 (9) :e0138416.

2015 Makk,J., Homonnay,Z.G., Keki,Z., Nemes-Barnas,K., Marialigeti,K., Schumann,P., Toth,E.M. ( 2015 ) Arenimonas subflava sp. nov., isolated from a drinking water network, and emended description of the genus Arenimonas Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (Pt 6) :1915-1921.

2015 Ping,N., Qiu,H., Wang,Q., Dai,H., Ruan,C., Ehrentraut,S., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A., Chen,S. ( 2015 ) Establishment and genetic characterization of a novel mixed-phenotype acute leukemia cell line with EP300-ZNF384 fusion J Hematol Oncol 8 (1) :100.

2015 Lo,N., Lee,S.H., Jin,H.M., Jung,J.Y., Schumann,P., Jeon,C.O. ( 2015 ) Garicola koreensis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from saeu-jeot, traditional Korean fermented shrimp Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (Pt 3) :1015-1021.

2015 Wagener,R., Aukema,S.M., Schlesner,M., Haake,A., Burkhardt,B., Claviez,A., Drexler,H.G., Hummel,M., Kreuz,M., Loeffler,M., Rosolowski,M., Lopez,C., Moller,P., Richter,J., Rohde,M., Betts,M.J., Russell,R.B., Bernhart,S.H., Hoffmann,S., Rosenstiel,P., Schilhabel,M., Szczepanowski,M., Trumper,L., Klapper,W., Siebert,R., Seq-Project,I.M.-., the"MolecularMechanismsinMalignantLymphomas"NetworkProjectoftheDeutsche,K. ( 2015 ) The PCBP1 gene encoding poly(rc) binding protein i is recurrently mutated in Burkitt lymphoma Genes Chromosomes Cancer 54 (9) :555-64.

2015 Liu,Y., Lai,Q., Goker,M., Meier-Kolthoff,J.P., Wang,M., Sun,Y., Wang,L., Shao,Z. ( 2015 ) Genomic insights into the taxonomic status of the Bacillus cereus group Sci Rep 5 :14082.

2015 Kalfalah,F.M., Berg,E., Christensen,M.O., Linka,R.M., Dirks,W.G., Boege,F., Mielke,C. ( 2015 ) Spatio-temporal regulation of the human licensing factor Cdc6 in replication and mitosis Cell Cycle 14 (11) :1704-15.

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Sengonca,C., Schumann,P., Wang,M.K., Xiao,R.F., Zheng,X.F., Chen,Z. ( 2015 ) Bacillustaiwanensis sp. nov., isolated from a soil sample from Taiwan Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (7) :2078-2084.

2015 Wagener,R., Alexandrov,L.B., Montesinos-Rongen,M., Schlesner,M., Haake,A., Drexler,H.G., Richter,J., Bignell,G.R., McDermott,U., Siebert,R. ( 2015 ) Analysis of mutational signatures in exomes from B-cell lymphoma cell lines suggest APOBEC3 family members to be involved in the pathogenesis of primary effusion lymphoma Leukemia 29 (7) :1612-5.

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Sengonca,C., Schumann,P., Ge,C.B., Wang,J.P., Cui,W.D., Lin,N.Q. ( 2015 ) Bacillus solani sp. nov. , isolated from rhizosphere soil of potato field in Xinjiang of China Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Ding,J., Dirks,W.G., Ehrentraut,S., Geffers,R., MacLeod,R.A., Nagel,S., Pommerenke,C., Romani,J., Scherr,M., Vaas,L.A., Zaborski,M., Drexler,H.G., Quentmeier,H. ( 2015 ) BCL6 - regulated by AhR/ARNT and wild-type MEF2B - drives expression of germinal center markers MYBL1 and LMO2 Haematologica 100 (6) :801-9.

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Sengonca,C., Schumann,P., Che,J.M., Zhu,Y.J., Wang,J.P. ( 2015 ) Bacillus wuyishanensis sp. nov., isolated from rhizosphere soil of a medical plant, Prunella vulgaris Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (7) :2030-2035.

2015 Wu,L., Xu,Y., Wang,Q., Ruan,C., Drexler,H.G., Wu,D., MacLeod,R.A., Chen,S. ( 2015 ) High frequency of cryptic chromosomal rearrangements involving the LMO2 gene in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Haematologica 100 (6) :e233-6.

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Cetin,S., Schumann,P., Pan,Z.Z., Chen,Q.Q. ( 2015 ) Bacillus gobiensis sp. nov., isolated from a soil sample collected from Xinjiang of China Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Michaelis,M., Agha,B., Rothweiler,F., Loschmann,N., Voges,Y., Mittelbronn,M., Starzetz,T., Harter,P.N., Abhari,B.A., Fulda,S., Westermann,F., Riecken,K., Spek,S., Langer,K., Wiese,M., Dirks,W.G., Zehner,R., Cinatl,J., Wass,M.N., Cinatl,J.,Jr. ( 2015 ) Identification of flubendazole as potential anti-neuroblastoma compound in a large cell line screen Sci Rep 5 :8202.

2015 Li,Y., Zhang,Y.J., Ma,Y.C., Gong,Z.L., Jia,M., Tian,F., Klenk,H.P., Tang,S.K. ( 2015 ) Jonesia luteola sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from Xinjiang Province, China Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek

2015 Nagel,S., Ehrentraut,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) NFkB is activated by multiple mechanisms in hairy cell leukemia Genes Chromosomes Cancer 54 (7) :418-32.

2015 Lepcha,R.T., Poddar,A., Schumann,P., Das,S.K. ( 2015 ) Comparative 16S rRNA signatures and multilocus sequence analysis for the genus Salinicola and description of Salinicola acroporae sp. nov., isolated from coral Acropora digitifera Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (1) :59-73.

2015 Uphoff,C.C., Lange,S., Denkmann,S.A., Garritsen,H.S., Drexler,H.G. ( 2015 ) Prevalence and characterization of murine leukemia virus contamination in human cell lines PLoS One 10 (4) :e0125622.

2015 Laviad,S., Lapidus,A., Han,J., Haynes,M., Reddy,T.B.K., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N., Mavromatis,K., Lang,E., Rohde,M., Markowitz,V., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N., Halpern,M. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence of Brachymonas chironomi AIMA4T (DSM 19884T) isolated from a Chironomus sp. egg mass Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1) :29.

2015 Nagel,S., Ehrentraut,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Repressed BMP signaling reactivates NKL homeobox gene MSX1 in a T-ALL subset Leuk Lymphoma 56 (2) :480-91.

2015 Laviad,S., Lapidus,A., Copeland,A., Reddy,T.B.K., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N., Markowitz,V., Pukall,R., Klenk,H.P., Woyke,T., Kyrpides,N., Halpern,M. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence of Leucobacter chironomi strain MM2LBT (DSM 19883T) isolated from a Chironomus sp. egg mass Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1) :21.

2015 Kollmann,K., Nangalia,J., Warsch,W., Quentmeier,H., Bench,A., Boyd,E., Scott,M., Drexler,H.G., Green,A.R. ( 2015 ) MARIMO cells harbor a CALR mutation but are not dependent on JAK2/STAT5 signaling Leukemia 29 (2) :494-7.

2015 Lau,S.C., Riedel,T., Fiebig,A., Han,J., Huntemann,M., Petersen,J., Ivanova,N.N., Markowitz,V., Woyke,T., Goker,M., Kyrpides,N.C., Klenk,H.P., Qian,P.Y. ( 2015 ) Genome sequence of the pink-pigmented marine bacterium Loktanella hongkongensis type strain (UST950701-009P(T)), a representative of the Roseobacter group Stand Genomic Sci 10 :51.

2015 Jones,A.V., Ward,D., Lyon,M., Leung,W., Callaway,A., Chase,A., Dent,C.L., White,H.E., Drexler,H.G., Nangalia,J., Mattocks,C., Cross,N.C. ( 2015 ) Evaluation of methods to detect CALR mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms Leuk Res 39 (1) :82-7.

2015 Lasker,B.A., Bell,M., Klenk,H.P., Schumann,P., Brown,J.M. ( 2015 ) Nocardia arizonensis sp. nov., obtained from human respiratory specimens Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (5) :1129-1137.

2015 Drexler,H.G., Ehrentraut,S., Nagel,S., Eberth,S., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Malignant hematopoietic cell lines: In vitro models for the study of primary mediastinal B-cell lymphomas Leuk Res 39 (1) :18-29.

2015 Lang,E., Schumann,P., Tindall,B.J., Mohr,K.I., Sproer,C. ( 2015 ) Reclassification of Angiococcus disciformis, Cystobacter minus and Cystobacter violaceus as Archangium disciforme comb. nov., Archangium minus comb. nov. and Archangium violaceum comb. nov., unification of the families Archangiaceae and Cystobacteraceae, and emended descriptions of the families Myxococcaceae and Archangiaceae Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Jeske,O., Schuler,M., Schumann,P., Schneider,A., Boedeker,C., Jogler,M., Bollschweiler,D., Rohde,M., Mayer,C., Engelhardt,H., Spring,S., Jogler,C. ( 2015 ) Planctomycetes do possess a peptidoglycan cell wall Nat Commun 6 :7116.

2015 Hofner,B., Boccuto,L., Goker,M. ( 2015 ) Controlling false discoveries in high-dimensional situations: boosting with stability selection BMC Bioinformatics 16 (1) :144.

2015 Hezbri,K., Ghodhbane-Gtari,F., Montero-Calasanz,M.D., Sghaier,H., Rohde,M., Schumann,P., Klenk,H.P., Gtari,M. ( 2015 ) Geodermatophilus sabuli sp. nov., a gamma-radiation-resistant actinobacterium isolated from limestone in Sahara desert Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Hezbri,K., Ghodhbane-Gtari,F., Del,C.M.-C., Sghaier,H., Rohde,M., Sproer,C., Schumann,P., Klenk,H.P., Gtari,M. ( 2015 ) Geodermatophilus aquaeductus sp. nov., isolated from the ruins of Hadrian's aqueduct Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (1) :41-50.

2015 Hezbri,K., Ghodhbane-Gtari,F., Del,C.M.-C., Sghaier,H., Rohde,M., Schumann,P., Klenk,H.P., Gtari,M. ( 2015 ) Description of Geodermatophilus bullaregiensis sp. nov Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (2) :415-425.

2015 Hahnke,R.L., Stackebrandt,E., Meier-Kolthoff,J.P., Tindall,B.J., Huang,S., Rohde,M., Lapidus,A., Han,J., Trong,S., Haynes,M., Reddy,T.B., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N.N., Mavromatis,K., Markowitz,V., Woyke,T., Goker,M., Kyrpides,N.C., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence of Flavobacterium rivuli type strain WB 3.3-2(T) (DSM 21788(T)), a valuable source of polysaccharide decomposing enzymes Stand Genomic Sci 10 :46.

2015 Gomez-Consarnau,L., Gonzalez,J.M., Riedel,T., Jaenicke,S., Wagner-Dobler,I., Sanudo-Wilhelmy,S.A., Fuhrman,J.A. ( 2015 ) Proteorhodopsin light-enhanced growth linked to vitamin-B acquisition in marine Flavobacteria ISME J

2015 Gao,X.Y., Zhi,X.Y., Li,H.W., Zhou,Y., Lapidus,A., Han,J., Haynes,M., Lobos,E., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N.N., Mavromatis,K., Tindall,B.J., Markowitz,V., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N.C., Li,W.J. ( 2015 ) Draft genome sequence of Halomonas lutea strain YIM 91125(T) (DSM 23508(T)) isolated from the alkaline Lake Ebinur in Northwest China Stand Genomic Sci 10 :1.

2015 Frank,O., Michael,V., Pauker,O., Boedeker,C., Jogler,C., Rohde,M., Petersen,J. ( 2015 ) Plasmid curing and the loss of grip - The 65-kb replicon of Phaeobacter inhibens DSM 17395 is required for biofilm formation, motility and the colonization of marine algae Syst Appl Microbiol 38 (2) :120-127.

2015 Frank,O., Goker,M., Pradella,S., Petersen,J. ( 2015 ) Ocean's Twelve: flagellar and biofilm chromids in the multipartite genome of Marinovum algicola DG898 exemplify functional compartmentalization Environ Microbiol 17 (10) :4019-4034.

2015 Bajerski,F., Senula,A., Keller,J., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Novel insights into cellular processes affecting the cryopreservation of bacterial and eukaryotic cells Cryobiology 71 (3) :549.

2015 Foesel,B.U., Mayer,S., Luckner,M., Wanner,G., Rohde,M., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Occallatibacter riparius gen. nov., sp. nov. and O. savannae sp. nov. two novel acidobacterial species isolated from Namibian soils and emended description of the family Acidobacteriaceae Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Riedel,T., Bunk,B., Wittmann,J., Thurmer,A., Spröer,C., Gronow,S., Liesegang,H., Daniel,R., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Complete Genome Sequence of the Clostridium difficile Type Strain DSM 1296T Genome Announc 3 (5)

2015 Foesel,B.U., Geppert,A., Rohde,M., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Parviterribacter kavangonensis and Parviterribacter multiflagellatus a novel genus and two novel species within the order Solirubrobacterales and emended description of the classes Thermoleophilia and Rubrobacteria and its orders and families Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Wittmann,J., Riedel,T., Bunk,B., Spröer,C., Gronow,S., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Complete Genome Sequence of the Novel Temperate Clostridium difficile Phage phiCDIF1296T Genome Announc 3 (4)

2015 Finger,C., Gamer,M., Klunkelfuss,S., Bunk,B., Biedendieck,R. ( 2015 ) Impact of rare codons and the functional coproduction of rate-limiting tRNAs on recombinant protein production in Bacillus megaterium Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 99 (21) :8999-9010.

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2015 Eder,W., Peplies,J., Wanner,G., Fruhling,A., Verbarg,S. ( 2015 ) Hydrobacter penzbergensis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from purified water Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (Pt 3) :920-926.

2015 Pascual,J., Wust,P.K., Geppert,A., Foesel,B.U., Huber,K.J., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Terriglobus albidus sp. nov., a novel acidobacterial species of the family Acidobacteriaceae isolated from Namibian semiarid savannah soil Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Dubinina,G., Grabovich,M., Leshcheva,N., Gronow,S., Gavrish,E., Akimov,V. ( 2015 ) Spirochaeta sinaica sp. nov., a halophilic spirochaete isolated from a cyanobacterial mat Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (11) :3872-3877.

2015 Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Significance and future role of microbial resource centers Syst Appl Microbiol 38 (4) :258-265.

2015 Doijad,S., Imirzalioglu,C., Yao,Y., Pati,N.B., Falgenhauer,L., Hain,T., Foesel,B.U., Abt,B., Overmann,J., Mirambo,M.M., Mshana,S.E., Chakraborty,T. ( 2015 ) Enterobacter bugandensis sp. nov., from a neonatal unit in Tanzania Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Pascual,J., Wust,P.K., Geppert,A., Foesel,B.U., Huber,K.J., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Novel isolates double the number of chemotrophic species and allow the first description of higher taxa in Acidobacteria subdivision 4 Syst Appl Microbiol 38 (8) :534-544.

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2015 Csotonyi,J.T., Maltman,C., Swiderski,J., Stackebrandt,E., Yurkov,V. ( 2015 ) Extremely 'vanadiphilic' multiply metal-resistant and halophilic aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs, strains EG13 and EG8, from hypersaline springs in Canada Extremophiles 19 (1) :127-134.

2015 Burghartz,M., Bunk,B., Sproer,C., Voget,S., Daniel,R., Overmann,J., Jahn,M. ( 2015 ) Complete Genome Sequence of the Urethral Catheter Isolate Myroides sp. A21 3 (2)

2015 Courties,A., Riedel,T., Rapaport,A., Lebaron,P., Suzuki,M.T. ( 2015 ) Light-driven increase in carbon yield is linked to maintenance in the proteorhodopsin-containing Photobacterium angustum S14 Front Microbiol 6 :688.

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2015 Behrendt,U., Augustin,J., Sproer,C., Gelbrecht,J., Schumann,P., Ulrich,A. ( 2015 ) Taxonomic characterisation of Proteus terrae sp. nov., a N2O-producing, nitrate-ammonifying soil bacterium Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (6) :1457-1468.

2015 Aouiche,A., Bouras,N., Mokrane,S., Zitouni,A., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Sabaou,N., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) Actinokineospora mzabensis sp. nov., a novel actinomycete isolated from Saharan soil Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 107 (1) :291-296.

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