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Publications of the DSMZ

Here you will find a complete list of all scientific publications.

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Cetin,S., Schumann,P., Pan,Z.Z., Chen,Q.Q. ( 2015 ) Bacillus gobiensis sp. nov., isolated from a soil sample collected from Xinjiang of China Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Sengonca,C., Schumann,P., Che,J.M., Zhu,Y.J., Wang,J.P. ( 2015 ) Bacillus wuyishanensis sp. nov., isolated from rhizosphere soil of a medical plant, Prunella vulgaris Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (7) :2030-2035.

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Sengonca,C., Schumann,P., Ge,C.B., Wang,J.P., Cui,W.D., Lin,N.Q. ( 2015 ) Bacillus solani sp. nov. , isolated from rhizosphere soil of potato field in Xinjiang of China Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Liu,B., Liu,G.H., Sengonca,C., Schumann,P., Wang,M.K., Xiao,R.F., Zheng,X.F., Chen,Z. ( 2015 ) Bacillustaiwanensis sp. nov., isolated from a soil sample from Taiwan Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (7) :2078-2084.

2015 Liu,Y., Lai,Q., Goker,M., Meier-Kolthoff,J.P., Wang,M., Sun,Y., Wang,L., Shao,Z. ( 2015 ) Genomic insights into the taxonomic status of the Bacillus cereus group Sci Rep 5 :14082.

2015 Lo,N., Lee,S.H., Jin,H.M., Jung,J.Y., Schumann,P., Jeon,C.O. ( 2015 ) Garicola koreensis gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from saeu-jeot, traditional Korean fermented shrimp Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (Pt 3) :1015-1021.

2015 Makk,J., Homonnay,Z.G., Keki,Z., Nemes-Barnas,K., Marialigeti,K., Schumann,P., Toth,E.M. ( 2015 ) Arenimonas subflava sp. nov., isolated from a drinking water network, and emended description of the genus Arenimonas Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (Pt 6) :1915-1921.

2015 Makonde,H.M., Mwirichia,R., Osiemo,Z., Boga,H.I., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) 454 Pyrosequencing-based assessment of bacterial diversity and community structure in termite guts, mounds and surrounding soils Springerplus 4 :471.

2015 Drexler,H.G., Ehrentraut,S., Nagel,S., Eberth,S., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Malignant hematopoietic cell lines: In vitro models for the study of primary mediastinal B-cell lymphomas Leuk Res 39 (1) :18-29.

2015 McIlroy,S., Lapidus,A., Thomsen,T., Han,J., Haynes,M., Lobos,E., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N., Markowitz,V., Verbarg,S., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N., Nielsen,P. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence of Meganema perideroedes str. Gr1T and a proposal for its reclassification to the family Meganemaceae fam. nov Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1) :23.

2015 Jones,A.V., Ward,D., Lyon,M., Leung,W., Callaway,A., Chase,A., Dent,C.L., White,H.E., Drexler,H.G., Nangalia,J., Mattocks,C., Cross,N.C. ( 2015 ) Evaluation of methods to detect CALR mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms Leuk Res 39 (1) :82-7.

2015 Mehrshad,M., Amoozegar,M.A., Makhdoumi,A., Rasooli,M., Asadi,B., Schumann,P., Ventosa,A. ( 2015 ) Halovarius luteus gen. nov., sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon from a salt lake Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (8) :2420-2425.

2015 Kollmann,K., Nangalia,J., Warsch,W., Quentmeier,H., Bench,A., Boyd,E., Scott,M., Drexler,H.G., Green,A.R. ( 2015 ) MARIMO cells harbor a CALR mutation but are not dependent on JAK2/STAT5 signaling Leukemia 29 (2) :494-7.

2015 Mehrshad,M., Amoozegar,M.A., Makhdoumi,A., ShahzadehFazeli,S.A., Farahani,H., Asadi,B., Schumann,P., Ventosa,A. ( 2015 ) Halosiccatus urmianus gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel haloarchaeon from a salt lake Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Nagel,S., Ehrentraut,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Repressed BMP signaling reactivates NKL homeobox gene MSX1 in a T-ALL subset Leuk Lymphoma 56 (2) :480-91.

2015 Meklat,A., Bouras,N., Mokrane,S., Zitouni,A., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Klenk,H.P., Sabaou,N. ( 2015 ) Bounagaea algeriensis gen. nov., sp. nov., an extremely halophilic actinobacterium isolated from a Saharan soil of Algeria Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 108 (2) :473-482.

2015 Uphoff,C.C., Lange,S., Denkmann,S.A., Garritsen,H.S., Drexler,H.G. ( 2015 ) Prevalence and characterization of murine leukemia virus contamination in human cell lines PLoS One 10 (4) :e0125622.

2015 Mikolasch,A., Omirbekova,A., Schumann,P., Reinhard,A., Sheikhany,H., Berzhanova,R., Mukasheva,T., Schauer,F. ( 2015 ) Enrichment of aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic acids by oil-degrading bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere of plants growing in oil-contaminated soil from Kazakhstan Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 99 (9) :4071-4084.

2015 Michaelis,M., Agha,B., Rothweiler,F., Loschmann,N., Voges,Y., Mittelbronn,M., Starzetz,T., Harter,P.N., Abhari,B.A., Fulda,S., Westermann,F., Riecken,K., Spek,S., Langer,K., Wiese,M., Dirks,W.G., Zehner,R., Cinatl,J., Wass,M.N., Cinatl,J.,Jr. ( 2015 ) Identification of flubendazole as potential anti-neuroblastoma compound in a large cell line screen Sci Rep 5 :8202.

2015 Mittelbach,M., Yurkov,A.M., Nocentini,D., Nepi,M., Weigend,M., Begerow,D. ( 2015 ) Nectar sugars and bird visitation define a floral niche for basidiomycetous yeast on the Canary Islands BMC Ecol 15 :2.

2015 Nagel,S., Ehrentraut,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) NFkB is activated by multiple mechanisms in hairy cell leukemia Genes Chromosomes Cancer 54 (7) :418-32.

2015 Mohammadipanah,F., Hamedi,J., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Montero-Calasanz,M.D., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) Saccharothrix ecbatanensis sp. nov., a novel actinobacterium isolated from soil Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Wu,L., Xu,Y., Wang,Q., Ruan,C., Drexler,H.G., Wu,D., MacLeod,R.A., Chen,S. ( 2015 ) High frequency of cryptic chromosomal rearrangements involving the LMO2 gene in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Haematologica 100 (6) :e233-6.

2015 Moissl-Eichinger,C., Auerbach,A.K., Probst,A.J., Mahnert,A., Tom,L., Piceno,Y., Andersen,G.L., Venkateswaran,K., Rettberg,P., Barczyk,S., Pukall,R., Berg,G. ( 2015 ) Quo vadis? Microbial profiling revealed strong effects of cleanroom maintenance and routes of contamination in indoor environments Sci Rep 5 :9156.

2015 Ding,J., Dirks,W.G., Ehrentraut,S., Geffers,R., MacLeod,R.A., Nagel,S., Pommerenke,C., Romani,J., Scherr,M., Vaas,L.A., Zaborski,M., Drexler,H.G., Quentmeier,H. ( 2015 ) BCL6 - regulated by AhR/ARNT and wild-type MEF2B - drives expression of germinal center markers MYBL1 and LMO2 Haematologica 100 (6) :801-9.

2015 Mokrane,S., Bouras,N., Meklat,A., Lahoum,A., Zitouni,A., Verheecke,C., Mathieu,F., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Sabaou,N., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) Thermoactinomyces khenchelensis sp. nov., a filamentous bacterium isolated from soil sediment of a terrestrial hot spring Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek

2015 Wagener,R., Alexandrov,L.B., Montesinos-Rongen,M., Schlesner,M., Haake,A., Drexler,H.G., Richter,J., Bignell,G.R., McDermott,U., Siebert,R. ( 2015 ) Analysis of mutational signatures in exomes from B-cell lymphoma cell lines suggest APOBEC3 family members to be involved in the pathogenesis of primary effusion lymphoma Leukemia 29 (7) :1612-5.

2015 Montero-Calasanz,M.C., Hezbri,K., Goker,M., Sghaier,H., Rohde,M., Sproer,C., Schumann,P., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) Description of gamma radiation-resistant Geodermatophilus dictyosporus sp. nov. to accommodate the not validly named Geodermatophilus obscurus subsp. dictyosporus (Luedemann, 1968) Extremophiles 19 (1) :77-85.

2015 Kalfalah,F.M., Berg,E., Christensen,M.O., Linka,R.M., Dirks,W.G., Boege,F., Mielke,C. ( 2015 ) Spatio-temporal regulation of the human licensing factor Cdc6 in replication and mitosis Cell Cycle 14 (11) :1704-15.

2015 Moshtaghi,N.M., Ramezani,M., Amoozegar,M.A., Rasooli,M., Harirchi,S., ShahzadehFazeli,S.A., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Ventosa,A. ( 2015 ) Nocardia halotolerans sp. nov., a halotolerant actinomycete isolated from saline soil Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Wagener,R., Aukema,S.M., Schlesner,M., Haake,A., Burkhardt,B., Claviez,A., Drexler,H.G., Hummel,M., Kreuz,M., Loeffler,M., Rosolowski,M., Lopez,C., Moller,P., Richter,J., Rohde,M., Betts,M.J., Russell,R.B., Bernhart,S.H., Hoffmann,S., Rosenstiel,P., Schilhabel,M., Szczepanowski,M., Trumper,L., Klapper,W., Siebert,R., Seq-Project,I.M.-., the"MolecularMechanismsinMalignantLymphomas"NetworkProjectoftheDeutsche,K. ( 2015 ) The PCBP1 gene encoding poly(rc) binding protein i is recurrently mutated in Burkitt lymphoma Genes Chromosomes Cancer 54 (9) :555-64.

2015 Moshtaghi,N.M., Ramezani,M., Amoozegar,M.A., Rasouli,M., ShahzadehFazeli,S.A., Schumann,P., delaHaba,R.R., Ventosa,A. ( 2015 ) Salininema proteolyticum gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel halophilic rare actinomycete isolated from Meighan wetland and emended description of the family Glycomycetaceae Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

2015 Ping,N., Qiu,H., Wang,Q., Dai,H., Ruan,C., Ehrentraut,S., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A., Chen,S. ( 2015 ) Establishment and genetic characterization of a novel mixed-phenotype acute leukemia cell line with EP300-ZNF384 fusion J Hematol Oncol 8 (1) :100.

2015 Mukherjee,S., Lapidus,A., Shapiro,N., Cheng,J.F., Han,J., Reddy,T.B.K., Huntemann,M., Ivanova,N., Mikhailova,N., Chen,A., Palaniappan,K., Spring,S., Goker,M., Markowitz,V., Woyke,T., Tindall,B., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N., Pati,A. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence and analysis of Pontibacter roseus type strain SRC-1T (DSM 17521T) isolated from muddy waters of a drainage system in Chandigarh, India Standards in genomic sciences 10 (1) :8.

2015 Nagel,S., Ehrentraut,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Aberrantly Expressed OTX Homeobox Genes Deregulate B-Cell Differentiation in Hodgkin Lymphoma PLoS One 10 (9) :e0138416.

2015 Ntougias,S., Lapidus,A., Copeland,A., Reddy,T.B., Pati,A., Ivanova,N.N., Markowitz,V.M., Klenk,H.P., Woyke,T., Fasseas,C., Kyrpides,N.C., Zervakis,G.I. ( 2015 ) High-quality permanent draft genome sequence of the extremely osmotolerant diphenol degrading bacterium Halotalea alkalilenta AW-7(T), and emended description of the genus Halotalea Stand Genomic Sci 10 :52.

2015 Kretzmer,H., Bernhart,S.H., Wang,W., Haake,A., Weniger,M.A., Bergmann,A.K., Betts,M.J., Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau,E., Doose,G., Gutwein,J., Richter,J., Hovestadt,V., Huang,B., Rico,D., Juhling,F., Kolarova,J., Lu,Q., Otto,C., Wagener,R., Arnolds,J., Burkhardt,B., Claviez,A., Drexler,H.G., Eberth,S., Eils,R., Flicek,P., Haas,S., Hummel,M., Karsch,D., Kerstens,H.H., Klapper,W., Kreuz,M., Lawerenz,C., Lenze,D., Loeffler,M., Lopez,C., MacLeod,R.A., Martens,J.H., Kulis,M., Martin-Subero,J.I., Moller,P., Nagel,I., Picelli,S., Vater,I., Rohde,M., Rosenstiel,P., Rosolowski,M., Russell,R.B., Schilhabel,M., Schlesner,M., Stadler,P.F., Szczepanowski,M., Trumper,L., Stunnenberg,H.G., project,I.M.-S., project,B., Kuppers,R., Ammerpohl,O., Lichter,P., Siebert,R., Hoffmann,S., Radlwimmer,B. ( 2015 ) DNA methylome analysis in Burkitt and follicular lymphomas identifies differentially methylated regions linked to somatic mutation and transcriptional control Nat Genet 47 (11) :1316-25.

2015 Oberhardt,M.A., Zarecki,R., Gronow,S., Lang,E., Klenk,H.P., Gophna,U., Ruppin,E. ( 2015 ) Harnessing the landscape of microbial culture media to predict new organism-media pairings Nat Commun 6 :8493.

2015 Dai,H.P., Ehrentraut,S., Nagel,S., Eberth,S., Pommerenke,C., Dirks,W.G., Geffers,R., Kalavalapalli,S., Kaufmann,M., Meyer,C., Faehnrich,S., Chen,S., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Genomic landscape of primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma cell lines PLoS One 10 (11) :e0139663.

2015 Ozdemir-Kocak,F., Saygin,H., Saricaoglu,S., Cetin,D., Potter,G., Sproer,C., Guven,K., Isik,K., Klenk,H.P., Sahin,N. ( 2015 ) Nocardia zapadnayensis sp. nov., isolated from soil Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek

2015 Nagel,S., Meyer,C., Kaufmann,M., Drexler,H.G., MacLeod,R.A. ( 2015 ) Aberrant expression of homeobox gene SIX1 in Hodgkin lymphoma Oncotarget 6 (37) :40112-26.

2015 Parker,C.T., Tindall,B.J., Garrity,G.M. ( 2015 ) International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

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2015 Pontes,A., Rohl,O., Carvalho,C., Maldonado,C., Yurkov,A.M., Sampaio,J.P. ( 2015 ) Cystofilobasidium intermedium sp. nov. and Cystofilobasidium alribaticum f.a. sp. nov. isolated from Mediterranean forest soils Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

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2015 Sakamoto,M., Lapidus,A.L., Han,J., Trong,S., Haynes,M., Reddy,T.B., Mikhailova,N., Huntemann,M., Pati,A., Ivanova,N.N., Pukall,R., Markowitz,V.M., Woyke,T., Klenk,H.P., Kyrpides,N.C., Ohkuma,M. ( 2015 ) High quality draft genome sequence of Bacteroides barnesiae type strain BL2(T) (DSM 18169(T)) from chicken caecum Stand Genomic Sci 10 :48.

2015 Saker,R., Bouras,N., Meklat,A., Zitouni,A., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Klenk,H.P., Sabaou,N. ( 2015 ) Actinopolyspora biskrensis sp. nov., a novel halophilic actinomycete isolated from Northern Sahara Curr Microbiol 70 (3) :423-428.

2015 Saker,R., Bouras,N., Meklat,A., Zitouni,A., Schumann,P., Sproer,C., Sabaou,N., Klenk,H.P. ( 2015 ) Prauserella isguenensis sp. nov., a halophilic actinomycete isolated from desert soil Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 65 (Pt 5) :1598-1603.

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2015 Pascual,J., Wust,P.K., Geppert,A., Foesel,B.U., Huber,K.J., Overmann,J. ( 2015 ) Terriglobus albidus sp. nov., a novel acidobacterial species of the family Acidobacteriaceae isolated from Namibian semiarid savannah soil Int J Syst Evol Microbiol

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