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1. Where can I find more information on a particular strain?  
All information we have on a strain can be found on our homepage. This information may be found by conducting a catalogue search using the DSM number or species name. In the list of strains found…  
2. How do I know the history of a strain?  
The history of a strain (known to the DSMZ) can be found on our homepage in the individual strain entries. The information is given in chronological order, with the most recent holder of the strain…  
3. Which growth conditions are recommended by the DSMZ for a particular strain?  
All catalogue entries on our homepage indicate the cultivation conditions recommended by the DSMZ. These include both the medium and temperature used in the DSMZ for cultivating the strain. We…  
4. Where can I find information on phages?  
Comprehensive information on phages, phage-specific methods and a separate FAQ list on the phage collection can be found on our phage page.  
5. Does the DSMZ provide a Safety Data Sheet?  
The yellow-red flyer "Important Information for the Recipient of Microorganisms" is a comprehensive, general, not strain-specific safety data sheet. Individual safety data sheets are provided on…  
6. Are packages X-rayed during the air transportation chain?  
It is not possible for the DSMZ to prevent packages from being security-checked. Forwarders in the transport chain decide about security checks of freight before freight is entering an aircraft.…  
7. Can I receive certificates for the strains I ordered?  
A strain-specific certificate on authenticity, origin and quality is printed on each delivery document. All lots of our strains are checked for strain authenticity with strain-specific methodologies.…  
8. Does deposit of a strain in the DSMZ public collection cost anything?  
Deposit of biological material in the public collection of the DSMZ is free. Charges for the deposit of strains for patent purposes or as a safe deposit are given on our website.  
9. What is the correct procedure for deposition of a strain in the public DSMZ collection?  
Please, see our homepage under Deposit of Microorganisms. Please, follow these steps exactly, use our accession form and please do not send us cultures without contacting us first.  
10. What is important for correct packaging and shipment of microorganisms?  
The DSMZ provides detailed information under safety Instructions. Please, make sure that the material you are sending is properly packed in a triple containment packaging system.  
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