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11. Does the DSMZ provide plasmid sequences or maps?  
No, we refer to published literature that are given as a DSMZ literature reference number for most plasmids.  
12. Does the DSMZ provide isolated plasmid DNA?  
No, plasmids are only offered within their host bacterium.  
13. What is important when growing plasmid-bearing strains?  
Growth media should contain those agents selective for the plasmids to avoid plasmid loss.  
14. How should unopened ampoules be stored?  
Freeze-dried ampoules are stored at 10°C in the dark in the DSMZ. According to our Terms & Conditions, the material is to be used immediately upon receipt and the DSMZ can only accept claims for…  
15. How long is the viability of cells in opened ampoules?  
The complete content of an opened ampoule has to be resuspended immediately in the appropriate medium given in the strain entry on our website, otherwise the cells will die rapidly.  
16. What are the storage conditions of actively growing cultures?  
Actively growing cultures have to be subcultured under the correct conditions immediately after receipt. Psychrophilic and mesophilic microorganisms should usually be kept in the refrigerator before…  
17. How are subcultures of a strain obtained from the DSMZ best prepared?  
Please, follow all instructions on the flyer accompanying your cultures consignment ”Important Information for the Recipient of Microorganisms” regarding the re-activation of freeze dried strains.…  
18. How long is the process from ordering to delivery?  
Depending on the documentation and permits required, orders for freeze-dried strains are usually processed within 7 to 14 days. Depending on the risk group and the recipient country they are sent out…  
19. Which documents and working permits have to be sent to the DSMZ before despatch of the strain?  
Sending applicable working permits with the order accelerates the process of the ordering procedure (in Germany: Infektionsschutzgesetz, TierSeuchG, PflanzenbeschauVO, GenTG, etc respectively,…  
20. In which form will the microorganism ordered be sent, freeze-dried or as actively growing culture?  
The forms of delivery are indicated for every individual strain in the respective strain entry on our website. In case a strain is not available in freeze-dried form, it will be sent as an actively…  
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