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1. DSMZ in the media - Archive  
… (LaborPraxis, 31.01.2013)   Mobiler Gen-Container macht rosa Bakterien so erfolgreich…  
2. Projects  
… different plasmids (up to 13 replicons per cell). Mobile plasmids have evolved into stable inherited…  
3. Archaea and Extremophilic Bacteria  
… genome structures with a high prevalence of mobile elements and non-functional pseudo genes. Second,…  
4. nrmicro3564.pdf  
… by ‘spacer’ sequences derived from the invading mobile genetic elements (MGEs). The Cas proteins impart the…  
5. Ein genetischer Globetrotter schützt Meeresbakterien vor Umweltverschmutzung  
… repräsentiert eine bisher nicht bekannte Klasse mobiler genetischer Elemente in der Roseobacter-Gruppe.…  
6. Microorganisms Getting a Grip  
Plasmids Control Marine Biofilm Formation  
7. 2014 Bergey Award goes to German Microbiologist Hans-Peter Klenk  
Looking back at 20 years of bacterial taxonomy research  
8. Tiny Natural Pirates Fight Multi-Resistant Pathogens  
Bacteriophages Offer New Strategic Options in Battling Multi-Resistant Achromobacter xylosoxidans  
9. Think Pink! Success of pink bacteria in oceans of the world  
Efficient strategies for survival through plasmid-mediated gene transfer  
10. DSMZ_supplem_0718.pdf  
… 68:2130 Pararhizobium haloflavum 68:2130 Epibacterium mobile 68:2404* Epibacterium multivorans…  
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