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Mycoplasma testing and elimination

Broth-agar microbiological culture method 200 €
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) 200 €
Cell culturing for mycoplasma testing (if applicable) 400 €
Mycoplasma elimination and verification 2,000 €

Cell culturing (growth and preservation per ampoule)

First ampoule (per cell line) 400 €
Any further ampoule (per cell line) 80 €

Authentication of human cell lines

STR DNA typing including detection of rodent cells (per cell line) 250 €

Detection of viruses

Polymerase chain reaction (per virus and cell line out of 9 viruses: EBV (HHV-4), HBV, HCV, HHV-8, HIV-1, HIV-2, HPV, HTLV-1/-2, SMRV, XMRV) 250 €
Cell culturing for virus testing, per cell line (if applicable) 400 €

Detection or verification of animal species

PCR amplification of Cytochrome C Oxidase I (COI) and sequencing, per cell line 250 €