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Identification and characterization of bacteria, fungi and yeasts

Identification of prokaryotes plays a central role in various microbiological fields ranging from medical bacteriology to environmental studies. Depending on the place within the phylogenetic framework, a taxonomically unassigned strain needs to be characterized by diverse approaches to obtain a broad spectrum of informative data from the genetic and epigenetic level, including morphology, physiology, chemistry, DNA patterns and sequences, and whole genome hybridisation.
Staff members of the DSMZ are experts in the modern polyphasic approach to identification, applying state-of-the-art technologies:

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The identification service is performed on a confidential basis. After the identification is finished the original culture and all subcultures prepared will be destroyed within a reasonable time. Exceptions will be made only with your written permission. Please supply the material as requested for each individual method.  For packaging and mailing please consider the postal regulations and/or contact a recognized courier. Please give us any information available on cultivation of your strain on the identification form. Please pay attention to the transport requirements.