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The RiboPrinter system allows the comparison of strains and their identification at the species level by comparison with entries of the Dupont Identification Library.

A culture of the strain and information on its optimal cultivation on agar plates are needed.

Standardized, automated ribotyping is performed using the Qualicon TM RiboPrinter system. The RiboPrinter system combines molecular processing steps like cell lysis, digestion of chromosomal DNA by a restriction enzyme (EcoRI, PvuII or PstI), electrophoretic separation of fragments, transfer of DNA fragments to a nylon membrane, hybridization to a probe generated from the rrnB operon from E. coli and chemiluminescent detection of hybridization products with the computerized analysis of RiboPrint patterns (Schumann & Pukall, 2013; Bruce, 1996). 


Bruce, J. (1996). Automated system rapidly identifies and characterizes microorganisms in food. Food Tech. 50, 77-81.

Schumann, P. & Pukall, R. (2013). The discriminatory power of ribotyping as automatable technique for differentiation of bacteria. Syst Appl Microbiol 36, 369-375.

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Dr. Schumann, Peter
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MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of bacteria, RiboPrinting, peptidoglycan analysis, determination of DNA base composition