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Mock communities

Customers may order artificially mixed communities of microorganisms as glycerol stocks, in lyophilized form, or as mixture of genomic DNA. Individual strains will be grown separately, quantified using microscopic cell counting, and mixed at the ratio inquired by the customer. Mock communities in glycerol stocks will be provided as viable cultures. Mock communities in lyophilized form or as DNA mixture will be best suited for molecular applications. Mock communities can be provided in mixtures of up to 10 strains. The price will be provided upon request.



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Photo of Susanne  Verbarg
Dr. Verbarg, Susanne
Phone: +49-531/2616-231

Coordination of the identification services. Identification of aerobic and facultative anaerobic Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, physiological, biochemical and morphological characterization. Curator for filamentous bacteria belonging to different lines of descent (e.g. Beggiatoa, Thiothrix, Flexibacter, Sphaerotilus)