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Registering with DSMZRegistrierung

Registration Procedure

You will find the registration form when you click Sign up in the navigation on the left side of this screen.

The registration form requires only very little information from your side. Mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk.


User name: You can select any name as a user name. Your user name has to be minimum 6 characters long and contains no special characters or blanks. The system will only check that the name is not already in use. If so, the system will display an error message.

Password: Please use a password that is min. 6 characters long and contains no special characters or blanks. You have to enter your password twice.

Profit/Non-Profit: Please select the type of institution that you are working for. If your company is profit oriented (private sector), please select Profit. If you work for e.g. an university or a school or a governmental institution (public sector) please select Non-Profit.

Country: The preset is Germany. Please make sure that you select your country from the list of countries.

Click the button named "Create account" and your form will be submitted for a check and you will receive an email to the given email address, that you will have to confirm by clicking on the enclosed link. Once you have done this you are registered on the platform.

However, since the DSMZ is selling biological material, your account has now to be checked manually by our customer service department.

In case you have never before ordered from the DSMZ, your first order cannot be processed online via the WebShop but requires you to order via fax or letter on a regular company letter of your company.

Our customer service will contact you directly for that matter.

If you order for the second time you will receive a further acknowledgement an can proceed to the login and from there to the shop.