FAQ - Plant Viruses

  • How long is the process from ordering to delivery?

Orders for controls, virus inoculum and antisera are usually processed within 2 days. Delivery time may vary depending on destination and courier service.

  • How should your material be stored?

All antisera and serological reagents should be stored at +4°C. We recommend to store freeze-dried controls and virus inoculum at -20°C.

  • Can I order your products from a distributor in my country?

DSMZ does not have distributors. All products have to be ordered directly from DSMZ and are shipped worldwide.

  • What does a positive/negative control consist of?

Controls usually consist of vacuum freeze dried plant sap, provided in small glass vials. Dissolve all controls in 2 ml of buffer. Store aliquots at -20°C.

  • How should I prepare and send samples for virus/viroid detection?

Different sample materials and procedures are used for the analyses. Please always contact us before sending any samples.

  • How are nucleic acid extract delivered?

Nucleic acid extracts are delivered in ethanol. To recover and remove Na-acetate, spin down for 20 min at 4°C and 13000 rpm, discard supernatant, wash with 70% ethanol and dry pellet. Dissolve in appropriate buffer.

  • Why does my IgG/conjugate vial look empty?

Serological reagents are highly concentrated and have to be diluted prior to use. Thus, e.g. a vial for 100 tests contains only 20 µl! Before opening the vials, please spin down all the liquid by a short centrifugation (approx. 3000 rpm for a few seconds).