Deposit of microorganisms in the open collection

The DSMZ collects microorganisms of taxonomic (type strains), applied, biotechnological, educational, and general interest. Strains sent for deposit in the open collection should have been used in work already published or prepared for publication. Strains deposited in this manner will be available to the international scientific community in both academic and industrial institutions. 
The deposit of strains in the open collection is free of charge.    

Please continue to the Online Accession Form for the deposit of microorganisms in the open collection: 

To Online Accession Form


Click here for step-by-step instruction. If you have further questions please contact one of the collection experts.
For the deposit of phages please use the Phage Accession form.

The deposit in the open collection is the only accepted kind of deposit for a proposed prokaryote type strain for the purpose of describing a new species. Special requirements for the deposit of type strains.

Packaging and Transport of Microorganisms

The DSMZ also offers a Deposit for Patent Purposes and Safe Deposit.

The DSMZ also accepts large-scale deposits (e.g., microbiome collections) of strains with exceptionally high scientific relevance and interest. Please see the Microbiome & Collective Deposit page for more information.

Please review your legal situation with regards to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol BEFORE beginning the deposit process.