Eukaryotic bioinformatics

Cancer is a widespread cause of death and hence much research efforts concentrate on improving prognosis and therapy of diverse cancer types. Shedding light on the landscape of molecular dysregulation leading to cancer cell growth and progression will help to characterize preclinical cellular models of cancers. With continuing technical improvements and decreasing costs of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies at hand as well as immortalized tumor cell lines as model systems for cancer research the eukaryotic bioinformatics group develops bioinformatic pipelines for molecular characterization for tumorigenesis, discovery of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes or biomarkers.

Online tools

The Eukaroytic bioinformatics group offers a free accessible online tool:

Research activities

In close collaboration with the Human and Animal Cell Lines department projects in following areas are performed for the molecular characterization of human tumorigenesis: