Functions & Exploration

In the Plant Viruses department, we are dedicated to investigating the complex relationships between viruses and their plant hosts, unlocking the secrets that govern the impact of viruses on their plant hosts. By combining multidisciplinary approaches, we aim to discover novel insights into viral life cycles, laying the groundwork for breakthroughs in plant protection and agricultural innovation.


GeminiNuc: Analysis of geminivirus-induced changes of the plant nucleus

In this project we analyze geminivirus-induced changes in the plant nucleus to
(1) gain insight into and understand virus-induced nuclear (re)organization,
(2) define the nuclear interactome of geminiviruses, and
(3) thereby identify the targets of virus manipulation.

Nanovirus: Molecular and cellular aspects of the nanovirus life cycle
This project has the ambitious goal of elucidating the pluricellular infection strategy of multipartite viruses, in addition to better understanding the biology of nanoviruses, thus reaching a new horizon in plant virus research.